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INTERVIEWEE: Davide Smania, Product Manager 

What are the two most important products of your 16/17 line? Why?
The new Prophecy S, the high-end boot for the freestyle line, and the new Domain. Our high-end boot are for sure the most important ones with the focus being on the flex.

What new functionality are you most excited about in your boots range for 16/17?
The Prophecy S comes with the new Corset sock, an extra support to the liner that combined with the new tongue makes the Custom Flex system. The Domain is well recognized on the market because of its stiffness and this year we made it even more long lasting.


What colorways/prints/patterns/influences/textures will we see in your range aesthetic?
The good thing about working with snowboard boots is that you can feel free to gain your inspirations from different sections, whether it is from skate shoes or from running shoes. Colours, patterns and textures are always chosen based on the latest trends in the sport’s market.

A segment that has to be taken seriously in this sense is the outdoor, which is growing and is therefore being effected by new investments and new trends as well.

Which part of your range are you investing in the most? Freestyle, freeride, do-it-all, beginner…? Why?
As mentioned earlier, our focus is the high-end section. We invest more in the dedicated riding styles. 

What’s new with your liners – new developments here?
The new thing is the Corset sock, whereby you fuse the liner together with the upper of the boot to provide a unique sensibility for the riding.

Materials: using anything new? Vibram, Outlast, Gore-tex, d3o, baked beans?
We already use technical materials, like the Vibram insert. We basically work more in searching for abrasion resistant and long lasting materials.

Anything new in cushioning/impact absorption?
No, we still push our double crossbow system that has proven to be shock absorbing and also provides the force back, it really works like a spring.

Price points: What is performing best, and where is is your brand going? More or less expensive?
We are pretty well recognized on the mid to high range, we provide performance products at an interesting price. The heavy users really appreciate our products for the comfort and performance.

What’s new in lacing – sticking with trad, working with Boa, or doing your own thing? Where is the demand?
We developed our new system called SPIN, a fast closure system that uses the Gel Spun Polyethylene cable (used on kites, parachutes and bulletproof jacket) in order to avoid the issue that you can have with the iron cable (bending). This provides the same performance at a lighter weight and an even better response to torsional force.


What trends in other footwear sectors have made an impression on your 15/16 line?
The thermowelding process used on running shoes makes the shoes lighter and allows you to reduce volumes. That is what we bring into the development of our new models for 15/16.

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