Airblaster Goggles FW16/17 Preview



What is THE hot new trend in your goggle line for 2016/17?
The hot new trend in our goggle line for 2016/17 is the introduction of the NEW, 90’s inspired, Airblaster Shifty frame. “The future is from the past.” –Tim Eddy. 

Lenses: What are your most popular tints? Are there any technical innovations to talk about for next season? Are you doing spherical or cylindrical or both versions? 
Air Goggles are now better than ever thanks to Green AirRADium lenses.  American designed, Japanese built MILF technology means the BEST ANTIFOG performance of any goggle tested, as verified by independent Alpine Lab tests.   

Frames: What system(s) are you working with? Any innovations or new features here? 
Everything you wear is vintage inspired, with a hidden function.  So why do your goggles look like space bubbles?  Extra gimmicks = foggles. Spend time shredding instead of “quick changing” your lenses, with the FOG FREE performance of AIR GOGGLES.

What about colours and patterns – what are the highlights in your 2016/17 collections? Are they tied to other parts of your range / product offerings?
In addition to the introduction of the Airblaster Shifty goggle, we are excited to release three new collaborations in the Air Goggle line; PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon), Warp Wave, and SEE SEE Motorcycles. 


PBR Goggles: Air x Beer can be a dangerous combination, but beer goggles are always a good time. The goggles feature classic PBR colorways with a PBR logo branded strap. 

Warp Wave: Our good friends at Warp Wave see the world through Powder Goggles. A fun and exciting collaborative powder goggle. These goggles are not available online so please see our Stores With Doors locator on to find a retailer near you. 

SEE SEE Motorcycles: Our good friends at SEE SEE Motorcycles grew up riding snowboards and now carve and slash on motorbikes. This goggle is for both activities.  

Do you have a special recommendations for touring and split-boarding?
Our recommendation for touring and split-boarding is simple: Ride the Air Goggle. Winner of Snowboarder Mag’s Golden Seal of Approval and Scott E. Wittlake’s favourite goggle of all time, the Air Goggle with MILF technology means the BEST ANTI-FOG performance of any goggle tested, as verified by independent Alpine Lab tests. Hassle free goggles that don’t fog and keep you moving in the backcountry. 

And finally, could you please walk us through your 3 key models for 2016/17? 
3 key models for 2016/17 are: the new 90’s inspired Shifty frame, The Classic and Award Winning Air Goggle and the PBR collaboration Air Goggle. 




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