Rip Curl Swimwear SS17 Preview


Rip Curl Swimwear SS17

What are the major trends in the women’s swimwear line for 2017?
We have 2 mains stories for 2017:
“Kiss the Sky” – is all about a wild and dry place where the blue sky mixes with the blue of the water. In this theme you’ll find that bikinis mix and match with an organic print and organic stripes (the all-over Westwind). This is also where the products are more fashion oriented. We have the new high-waisted denim bikini with a stone wash effect, giving it that salt and sun vibe.

“Ibiza vibes” is our second big story. Each season we pick a location to take inspiration from for our bikinis and for SS17 we are looking at Ibiza. It was such a fun and inspirational trip with the blues of the Mediterranean, the white architecture, the fuchsia and bougainvillier plants everywhere. The hippy markets and wild rocky beaches gave us truly amazing inspiration.

Rip Curl Swimwear SS17

What colour schemes and patterns are the most popular next season?
The summer 17 colours are all about the blue: Sailor blue, denim blue, deep blue, ice blue and washed out pastel neons such as “Soufflé” – a funny name for a colour but such a beautiful fresh and new colour for summer.

Around all this blue we have a strong mix and match all-over “Del Sol”, which is all about playing with your bikini revo – the geo blue and the mattress stripe. The on trend shape is still the high-neck with a special cut, meaning it’s sporty but sexy.

Rip Curl Swimwear SS17 Preview

We also have the apparel line, which crosses over into this main all-over with the maxi dress, which is a really trendy piece for summer.

And we also have a very strong all-over floral “Pivoine Bloom” with a new kind of large-scale placement. On a bikini it’s a beautiful thing, this big bloom flower fucshia with the highlight being the “Soufflé” tone.

In accessories we also have the floral board cover that’s the best accessory for a surfer girl.

What are the main materials you’re working with for spring / summer 2017?
For the swim collection the main fabric is the microfibre, now almost all of our collection is made from microfibre – it’s our customers’ favourite fabric. It’s soft, creates the perfect feel and look and with the Lycra Xtra life, it’s the best quality. But we are always searching for new materials so this summer we have three new fabrics:

One really trendy fabric is our denim Lycra, which is really fun because this kind of fabric was really famous on bikinis in the 80s but it disappeared and now it’s coming back on trend. This fabric is from Spain and it is made especially for us with a special pigment to achieve this denim effect after some specific washes too. It was a really long process to achieve this.

The second new is material is our Essential Mirage line, in which we now have a new mesh in revo, that’s quick drying and also really on trend. Sporty sexy looking!

And the final new fabric in the collection is the new water repellent Lycra fabric from Italy. This bikini line is our new ultimate line, the Mirage, which is the more performance-oriented line. The shapes are athletic, and built for surfing. For example the Ultimate Mirage one-piece is specially fitted and designed for surfing – there is some special flat mesh at the back for the water to pass through, the new microfibre water repellent is for the water to slide down you and keep you dry. There is a 2mm neoprene panel on the armhole and collar to make the garment stick to the body like wearing a wetsuit. The opening is at the back like the little G-bomb wetsuits, making it a high performance piece. Alana Blanchard has tested it and has given it her stamp of approval: “It’s so soft and it fit perfectly!”

This is the new generation of technical swimwear using our wetsuit knowledge adapted to swimwear.

Rip Curl Swimwear SS17

How do you address cup sizes and different body form in your line?
We have a fit guide: The collection is built around three main tops shapes (Triangle – Bandeau – Underwire) and this is for all the bust sizes:
Triangle – light support
Bandeau – light and good support
Underwire – full support

And for the bottoms it’s a similar system: (Brazilian – Cheeky – Good)
Brazilian is our most sexy bottom (for Spain)
Cheeky is actually super on trend. It’s the mid-coverage piece.
Good is the classic coverage, for the more conventional bottom.

All shape info is on the swing-tag for each bikini. This allows our customers to decide the best shape for them.

We also have cups B and D only, especially in the Underwire segment, which corresponds to the bigger bust. We are now selling more and more D cups!

Key products in your line?
Our key product is the ULTIMATE MIRAGE LINE – with the new fabric microfibre, which is water repellent and the new shape inspired by our wetsuits. The one piece is also key for us – this trend is coming back strong.

The last key product for us is this new type of bra with the retro shape influenced by Bond girls.

Rip Curl Swimwear SS17

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