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Impact Junior Full Black/Green Wetsuit

Firstly, can you tell us about how your spring/summer wetsuits line is evolving compared to your traditional fall/winter one?
The number of wetsuit  pieces in the S17 range is 20% higher than W16 and reflects the fact that we offer more Lady & Junior styles for Summer.

Regarding neoprene material, tell us about the characteristics and specific objectives of a summer wetsuit.
The S17 range uses a wide range of neoprene qualities to ensure a good balance between quality, performance and good margin for the retailer.

How do you make sure it’s strong enough to last?  We use our team riders to test new styles, these guys are great because they often suggest solutions to problems I didn’t even think of.  I personally see every faulty suit so I can correct mistakes quickly before the style goes to production. I still surf with my family so get to hear of any problem. We also ensure we design in quality by choosing tried and tested specifications.

Design-wise, how is the panel construction designed for comfort? How are you working to make your seams are resistant and stretchy?
We are moving away from Liquid Seal on the outside of suits to have neoprene tape inside. The neoprene tape provides a better seal and longer life.

What’s the role of the lining in your wetsuits? What are its most important features during the summer?
We use specific linings for our mid to high price point suits. The top of the range Luxe uses FDL (Fast Dry Lining) throughout which means the 3/2 version is too hot for high Summer use.

In terms of style, which colours and patterns are the most popular for SS17?
“Impact” is still our most popular style, it’s a simple Flatlock suit but uses excellent quality neoprene and a fit that really gives the retailer an easy sale. The colourways go from conservative to bright so the shop has an opportunity to brighten the rails for the Summer season or keep it safe for Dad.

In terms of price, which demographics/levels do you address here?
We pride ourselves on catering for the whole family and the styles and prices reflect this.

Tell us a bit more about the unique benefits and high-end details of your wetsuits.
Quality is built in to every style, we could use cheaper materials but our customers have come to expect top quality from every suit we sell.

What are your 3 key products in this category for SS17?
“Impact” a flatlock style suitable for summer use.

“Stealth” GBS back zip construction suitable for extended summer season. 

Stealth Lady Black/White Wetsuit

Stealth Lady Black/White Wetsuit

“Pyro” GBS front zip construction suitable for extended summer use.

Pyro Mens Navy/Graph Wetsuit

Pyro Mens Navy/Graph Wetsuit

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