SUPERbrand Men’s Surf Apparel SS17 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Men’s Surf Apparel SS17 Trend Report

INTERVIEWEE: Rémi Chaussemiche, (European Sales and marketing Manager)

Double Set Trucker Hat - Blue

Double Set Trucker Hat – Blue

How has the Surf Apparel segment evolved since last summer season in terms of products, categories and SKUs?
Compared to last summer season we’ve kept the same product categories, the goal is to focus and improve on the existing product categories instead of going crazy on too many product categories without having a real consistency in the line.

For SS17 we added some colour ways to each styles on every product category. Some colour ways will be delivered at the beginning of the SS17 season and some other colour will be delivered later (beginning of April as refreshment injection products for the mid season)

Our product categories are: boarshorts, walkshorts, T-shirts, Woven, knits, sweaters and caps.

Our boardshorts line gained in technicity, quality and consistency, we propose some high end products featuring loads of technical details (4-way stretch, welded seams, silicon tipping on drawcords, welded eyelets, aqua-zip etc…) some products mixing style and technicality and some more lifestyle boardshorts. We propose different leg length from 16 inches to 19inches.

Our walkshorts range focuses on hybrid shorts, made both for street and beach usage.

Our t-shirt collection is a mix of :

  • Art collaborations products with Brian Bielman, legendary photographer, and Adam R Garcia. Those artworks will also be featured on our SS17 surfboards.
  • Graphic Prints – also featured on some surfboards decoration
  • Logo and message prints.

    Coyote Vintage Tee Yellow

    Coyote Vintage Tee Yellow

We also proposed some more detailed t-shirts (knits) showcasing more details such as tie and dies colour works, Tunisian collar, pockets and sewed logo patches.

Our woven product category is getting way more fashion, fits are slimmer, prints are in trends. We’ve raised the level of details with taping details. Shirts prints are also featured on some boards graphics.

What are the main trends you see popping in your SS17 Surf Apparel line?
Our collection is inspired by a road trip through the desert, ethnic prints and peyote prints. The shaping Bay, shapers and artist collections also remains a big influence in our collection.

What are the key inspirations behind your collection this year?
Our Line is designed for a young, hyped, Urban Surfer. The line is inspired by the southern Californian lifestyle. We are urban people who love going surfing before and after work or school. We cross the border on the weekend, road trip through the desert to find some empty surf spots in Baja California and we go out at night for a drink or concert.

What are your colour palettes for men’s SS17 season?
Army, mustard red and light grey.

Palmero Tee Agave T-Shirt

Palmero Tee Agave T-Shirt

In terms of fabrics and materials, what are you working on for next season?
Better stretch fabrics for boards and walk shorts, fluid cotton for t-shirts, poplin and chambray for shirts.

In terms of prices, which demographic do you target?
Our pricing remain very competitive specially for boardshorts. We are aiming to reach the 13-25 years old so our pricing needs to be reasonable. However we still produce some qualitative products.

Please take us through three of your key products that retailers should put on their order sheets.
Toy Boardshort: Our most technical Boardshort: 4-way stretch, welded seams, slicon tipping on drawcords, welded eyelets, aquazip etc., with a very Iconnic SUPERBRAND print

Peyote Short: elasticated beach short with short legs and peyote print

Peyote Short sleeve Shirt

Anything else you’d like to say about the surfwear market in general and especially for men?
The market seems to be responsive again to surfbrands, especially for the small up-coming Brands.  We are bringing freshness and a new positive energy in store.

In general surf wear seems to have re-focused on the main product categories related to the beach environment and the practice of surfing. Less product categories but more depth in the categories related to surfing.

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