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Stax Sunglasses

Stax Sunglasses

What are the key trends in your sunglass collection for 2017?
We are very excited with our new 2017 collection as we will launch some strong game changers in terms of frames (with the new frameless Alt Collection) and lenses with our NEW “Wild Life” Lenses exclusive patented technology.

ALT-1 copy

Alt Sunglasses

Regarding the NEW “Wild Life” patented technology, this game changer technology creates an all new visual experience and will be present throughout our main models.

With the NEW ALT Collection we are pleased to announce the first VonZipper frameless sunglasses line (high quality nylon grilamid temples directly attached to the lenses), delivering a trend announced to become a success on 2017.

Colour and frame combos will continue to be a trend and inside this trend we will launch a new model under our FCG (free thinkers conspiracy guild) Line, called EMPIRE that will mix metal and acetate, under a round frame design, delivering a true statement of freedom and irreverence.

Regarding Metals, different sizes will set the pace and for that we will launch STATEY, a classic metal double bridge, reinvented to fit medium faces and explore your wild attitude.

Women will continue to gain their space with a coherent mix trend between action sports and fashion, demanding new colourways, materials and shapes, were the material and colour combos will continue to play an important role on the game.

What lens technologies are you working with and can we expect anything new here?
Recently launched in the US with massive success, we will bring to life in Europe the NEW “Wild Life” Lenses exclusive patented technology.

As a result of years of Research, this game changer technology creates an all new visual experience by selectively absorbing light in the area were the eye is more sensitive, creating an energy boost as well a higher comfort in terms of comfort and clarity.

If we had to define the final result in 3 words, it would be: ENERGY, CLARITY and EXPERIENCE!

It’s Pure Science made to energize our senses to the next level! This technology will be present throughout our main models.

What colour pallets and patterns are you using for your frames?
In terms of frames, combo trend will continue to deliver its game and we will continue to play either with material combos, like mixing acetate/polycarbonate with metal (NEW EMPIRE), either with colour combos, were have two different colours on the same frame (LEVEE or LULA) sometimes played within the same colour through translucent effects.

On the other hand, new high quality acetates are reinventing the tort colours and new approaches like the New Blackwood Satin acetate that we will launch on STAX bringing an all new perspective to acetate frames…a pure statement born to be a best seller!

If you do prescription glasses: what are the main trends here?
On prescription glasses Design and High Quality acetate frames will continue to deliver the trend either with high statement square models, either with combos mixing acetate with metal on round frames.

Following this round frames trend we will launch a new model called Birthday Suit (round frame on a solid high quality Italian acetate) that will be a strong complement for our optical range.

Regarding colours, Black and Torts will continue to rule the game.

Are you working with pre-order, on-demand or both?

 3 key products – names & features:
1.      ALT

2.      Empire

3.      Fulton


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