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Capa Longa Jacket

Capa Longa Jacket

How has your winter Surf Apparel segment evolved since last winter season? What’s your focus in terms of products, categories and SKUs?
Our priority is to always ensure we have a complete range of jackets to perform in a variety of conditions from freezing to transitional months. Our quality to value ratio is also quite important so we work hard to keep prices reasonable for our loyal customers. We evolved this season to include some lighter weight layering pieces we are calling the After Surf series which is meant to help warm up immediately after a cold surf session.

What are the main trends you see popping in your Fall Winter 2017-18 Surf Apparel line?
At Quik we try and allow are heritage and DNA guide us through all of the micro trends that happen during the course of a season. Athletics and technical fabrics continue to be important so we have tried to make sure there is still a connection to our brand with this trend. We try and look at athletics through a surf lense to help inform us how our customers expect to wear our products. They must be versatile, capable, but also casual enough to fit with our brands DNA.

Which approach(es) did you give to your product line? What are the key inspirations behind your collection this year?
This season the team traveled to California for inspiration. Although it seems like a very obvious place, we went into it with the intention of finding new ways to interpret the mindset of this place. The themes for the season are titled Ghetto Beach and Resin Beach and are a reflection of the brands history there, but we are also presenting some new ideas in the form or original artworks created from this trip.

From top to bottom, please describe a few typical MEN’s silhouettes?
The perfect kit would be the Kawa poler fleece jacket, worn with the Mempawah baja sweater underneath, and paired with our Goroka utility pant.

In terms of fabrics, materials and textures, what are you working on for Fall/Winter 17/18?
On the vintage side polar fleece and terry cloth are an important mix. For performance we are working with many bonded fabrics that allow for warmth and protection while remaining comfortable.

How do your colour palettes look for men’s FW17/18 season?
Since we offer a global collection our color palettes cover a lot of ground for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. We have a mix of earth and mineral tones with just slight hints of pop color.

Anything else you’d like to say about the surf apparel market in general and especially for men?
I think people like to say surf is dead, but I can tell you from the amount of people in the water everyday, this is not true! The sport and culture are very much alive. Of course streetwear is having it’s moment again, but brands like us who stay true to our roots always find new ways to keep the dream going.

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