Kraken Travel Company Launches With Selection Of Arctic Sailing Trips For The Modern Adventurer

Kraken, formally know as Adventure Yachting, was launched in 2015 with the view to provide unique sailing and ski trips for adventurous types. Giving access to remote areas in Scandinavia, Norway and the Arctic, for those curious to explore regardless of ability. 

Press Release: Kraken have curated an incredible selection of unique sailing trips for the modern adventurer, featuring hand-picked adventures from trusted independent operators. Kraken offer ski/sailing in Scandinavia and Iceland, Arctic Wildlife expeditions, the world’s most remote music festival in Norway, and the chance to join as crew on a Tall Ship amongst a growing roster of unforgettable voyages.

“Sailing is an experience like no other. A single trip can serve up adrenaline, extraordinary peace and tranquillity, and a whole new perspective on your life. I wanted to create a company that celebrates the community of adventure sailing, as well as give access to incredible experiences for people of all abilities” 

-Henry Burkitt, Kraken Travel CEO 

Formally known as Adventure Yachting, Kraken was founded by sailing enthusiast and qualified skipper, Henry Burkitt, in 2015 with the aim of creating a community of unique sailing experiences, unrivalled in the current market, to allow the nautically curious to embark on incredible trips unseen elsewhere and allow aspiring sailors to take part in voyages of all kinds, regardless of ability.

“When I planned to sail to a tiny music festival off the coast of Norway from the comfort of my office in sunny Los Angeles, I had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t have anticipated the joy of camaraderie that comes from joining a crew to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic. I felt entirely safe and had the option to be useful as part of the crew (or to relax with hot chocolate) under the lead of our captain, whose humble charm set a relaxed and fun vibe on the boat. Looking back on this trip gives me a feeling of accomplishment as well as humility and appreciation of the majestic beauty of the Arctic and the warmth and generosity of my shipmates. Highly recommended!” Sara, Kraken Customer


Initially Henry Burkitt began organising sailing trips for friends and colleagues based on his personal experiences and passion for adventure travel. That passion formed the basis of Kraken’s bespoke platform dedicated to finding outstanding sailing experiences worldwide. Based in the UK, and named after the mythical sea monster, Kraken is indeed a growing beast, with plans to expand beyond the Arctic Circle over the next year.

Kraken.Travel is easy to search and navigate, carefully designed with the user in mind, and features stunning photography from each of the trips listed, plus full itineraries.

“This voyage has been one of my best experiences so far meeting and working with a variety of people. I have learnt new skills and worked in a variety of sailing conditions which tested my abilities. This experience has opened many new doors for me for the future; thanks for this fantastic opportunity ” – Flinn, Kraken Customer

Kraken is completely free for users, who use the site to plan their sailing getaways and keep up to date with new voyages that meet their preferences. It takes care of the whole booking process, with users offered real support with other elements of travel where they need it including flights, equipment and specialist sailing insurance.

“I hope in time that Kraken will become more than just a place to find your next exciting sailing trip and pick up all the tips you might need. I’d like to create a community – and that’s something you’ll certainly find on board boat. Solo travellers, first-timers and experienced sailors alike build a real bond out there on the ocean, but more than anything else, it’s about life-affirming, enriching experiences.” – Henry Burkitt, Kraken CEO.

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