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Supra SF Flow

Do you see a shift in skate shoe buying habits when cold season in Europe rolls around? If so, what is your response?
Yes, we always use materials that work better in the wet during the winter seasons. We do well with winterising our existing models. Adding slight twists to previous successes are great for the retailer and consumer to relate to and understand. Look forward to Vaider CW dropping holiday 2016,  it’s a winter lug outsole but constructed in a vulcanized way.

How important is technology in skate footwear for customers these days?
If the technology works and it doesn’t raise the price too much skaters are interested to bettering the performance of their shoes. So yes it’s always welcomed. That said a traditional vulc sole always works well and has done for a long time. Supra has a long standing relationship in some of the best vulcanized factories in the world. Therefore we create some of the best vulcanized shoes in the world.

What are your main new technical developments?
We are diving into more textural play. Combining new technologies in material with classic materials.

We are constantly updated skate to make the our shoes better to skate and longer to wear. We are incorporating athletic inspiration into our skate footwear, this both works well to skate and looks great to chill.

What are the main colour and material stories for FW2017/18?
Black suede



Putting things in perspective, how have skate shoes developed over the past 5 years? How are this seasons’s shoes different from FW2011?
Our core consumer remains the same. Although skate is taking more and more influence from the athletic market. The cross over from skate to athletic is becoming less and less. Which means the big athletic brands are playing in our space but also means we can play in theirs too.

Please point out the 3 key products in your collection that retailers HAVE to keep on their radar and tell us the story.
Skytop V, Vaider CW and Flow run.

Bonus questions: How do you see the overall health of the European skate shoe market?
EU is very much a reflection of what is happening globally. Skate shoes need to have support globally to succeed in the market. I see skate footwear remaining a main-stay with the casual lifestyle consumer.

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