Makia Has Record Year 2016, Turnover Grows Over 40% & Will Stop Discounted Sales

Makia have just posted their 2016 results and their turnover was up over 40% and sales were up over 60%. The company has also announced it will stop discounting sales.



Press Release: The Helsinki, Finland based clothing brand makes a decision to quit discounted sales.

Finnish Clothing brand Makia has a record year behind itself. The company’s turnover grew over 40% with sales that grew over 60%, inside the EU area in 2016.

“We’ve had our challenges over the years, but at the moment we have a healthy structure. From here it’s nice to keep growing Makia’s international success story. 2017 will be a big year for us”, comments Makia’s CCO Totti Nyberg.

Makia has grown to a level in it’s business, where it doesn’t need to produce more than there is demand for, the pre-orders will cover production minimums. This mean more ethical, ecological and economic production processes.

At the same time Makia announces that it will discontinue discounted sales through the company’s own channels and through it’s web store The main focus is to grow the share of classic products in it’s collection, that remain in the line from year to year.

The new price strategy affects Makia’s own retail strategy, it’s retailers are still free to discount Makia’s products.

“Our brand ideology is to produce good looking quality garments at reasonable prices. We want to put out clothes that withstand every day life and stand the test of time. Sustainability over trends.”, explains Makia’s founder and brand director Joni Malmi.

Makia’s 2017 Spring collection has been received well, which can be seen from the already available 2017 sell through figures. Makia’s head designer Jesse Hyväri tells there’s a clear positive vibe in men’s fashion scene.

“Our spring 2017 collection follows the path of last summer’s collection, towards a non seasonal thought process. We have steadily grown the amount of products that carry over from one season to the next. This direction will keep growing in the future, we want to offer trusty everyday products from one season to the next”, Hyväri explains.


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