Surfagram Relaunches With Surfer Profiles, New Design & Huge Stats Database

Surf website Surfagram has relaunched an updated version of their website which now boasts more stats than before. The website seeks to provide a comprehensive database, dating back 30 years, on all Championship Tour surfers and events. 

Picture : © Sarah Lee

Picture : © Sarah Lee

Press Release: Surfagram today unveiled a new version of its website, becoming the most extensive surf statistics database on Championship Tour surfers and events. This new version brings a lot of improvements including 700+ Championship Tour surfer profiles, compiled on a history database from the last 30 years of competitive surfing and a gorgeous & modern new design.


The new surfer profiles feature all the detailed statistics you’d expect on your favourite surfers in the world. We’ve counted and analysed each and every heat from events since 1989, when 11x World Champion Kelly Slater entered his first Championship Tour event. On the women’s side, we did the same for 6x World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore, back in 2005.


From rankings evolution over the years, average victory rate, number of CT events & heats or specific heat win, you will be astonished by some of the numbers our sport is filled with. Through our unique database of 100,000+ stats, browse history and catch up with 451 events from the last 41 seasons of pro surfing!


The origins of Surfagram stand at the crossroads of surfing, visual design & web engineering. The combination of these three ends up producing a fun & fresh statistics tool on Championship Tour surfers and events for surf fans.

As a team of web designer and web developer (both surfers), we thrive to explore new ways to showcase what our favourite sport is made of. We’re just getting started and can’t wait for the first feedback from the community.

All year long, Surfagram will be there to give you a premium access to all the stats and data the surfing world has to offer. We will decipher every wave, score, move and trophy so you can stay up-to-date and maybe… try to match the king himself in the history of surfing analytics.


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