Coco & Mason Ho Join Spy Optics Team

Coco and Mason Ho have been announced as the newest riders on Spy’s team of athletes in the surf division.

The Ho Siblings With Spy Optics

The Ho Siblings With Spy Optics

“Surfing has been a part of SPY’s DNA for more than 20 years. We were founded on the coast, and our commitment to the surf community remains strong to this day. Our legacy, along with Mason and Coco’s heritage in the surf world, makes them great ambassadors to represent SPY in and out of the water,” explained Andrew Thomas, SPY Marketing Manager.

The sport is in their blood too with their dad and uncle being legendary Hawaiian surfers, Michael and Derek Ho, but Coco and Mason have most definitely forged their own pathway as successful surfers without relying on their family heritage. The siblings not only shred in the water but they are also known for their easygoing attitudes and sense of humour in the often serious realm of competitive surfing.

Mason and Coco are both stoked to have joined the Spy Optics team as Mason explained, “I’m honoured to be a part of what SPY has going on. This is a brand with so much heritage in surfing and their support of Hawaii, with special edition sunglasses and other projects, makes them an even more awesome crew to be a part of”.

“Life is all about being happy, and I’m stoked to be a part of SPY as that’s a huge part of their message in and out of the surf,” commented Coco.


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