The Cora Ball Kickstarter Campaign Aims To Reduce The Issue Of Microfibre Pollution

Every time we use our washing machines we unwittingly send trillions of pieces of tiny fibres (including plastic and chemical-covered non-plastic) into the ocean out with the drain water. The Cora Ball is a device that aims to catch these fibres from our clothes before they reach our waters. 

Press Release: Most standard washing machines do not have filters that are adapt enough to capture the microfibres that are too small for the human eye to see. By looking to the ocean for inspiration the team at the Rozalia Project were able to create a device that works exactly how the ocean’s coral does; by catching tiny things in flowing water.

The Cora Ball is easy to use as you simply throw it into your washing machine, do your wash as normal and then clean once used. But the team doesn’t stop there when it comes to reducing their environmental impact. They are working on finding opportunities to upcycle or recycle the fuzz from the Cora Ball, the primary obstacle being the mixed-material nature of laundry lint (polyesters, nylons, polypropylene, cotton, wool, etc.). And the device itself will be made from 100% recycled plastic, it is 100% recyclable and will be manufactured within the US.

Read more about this innovative product from the Rozalia Project at the Cora Ball Kickstarter page here.

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