RVCA Launches New Retail Corners In Barcelona & Hossegor

RVCA have just launched two new brand spaces in Barcelona and Hossegor, sharing retail space with fellow GSM brands Billabong and Element (Barcelona) and Element (Hossegor). The new features are a combination of artist-inspired designs from their Artist Network Program (ANP) and garments from their SS17 range

The RVCA Corner in Barcelona

The RVCA Corner in Barcelona

Press Release: – RVCA, the Californian artist-driven brand, has recently launched two new brand retail spaces in Europe, providing its new instore concept to the existing GSM group stores of Barcelona (ESP) and Hossegor (FRA). Sharing spaces respectively with partner brands Billabong and Element in Barcelona, and Element in Hossegor, the new features provide an inspiring mix of Artist Network Program (ANP) designs and fresh Spring & Summer ’17 ranges, from tops to bottoms including the latest boardshorts’ line and special edition garments from RVCA.

One of GSM’s major three brands, RVCA keeps building its brand voice across the European market, via various platforms including online e-shop, owned group stores such as the UK’s Two Seasons network, and a growing wholesale distribution market in Spain, France, Italy, UK, Portugal and beyond. With an ambition to surprise and delight its fans as the brand develops, RVCA will be accelerating its support to artists and advocates while capitalising on its unique creative founding pillar of the Artist Network Program (ANP) to elevate its unique take on skate, surf and fashion.

The RVCA Corner in Hossegor

The RVCA Corner in Hossegor

RVCA – European HQ

ZA Pedebert

33 Avenue des Tisserands

40150 Soorts-Hossegor



BARCELONA, Spain (Inside Billabong Store)

Adresse : Carrer de la Canuda, 31, 08002 Barcelona, Espagne

Téléphone : +34 934 81 38 25

HOSSEGOR, France (Inside Element Store)

Adresse : 194 Avenue Paul Lahary, 40150 Soorts-Hossegor, France

Téléphone : +33 5 58 47 65 87

RVCA Window Space in Hossegor

RVCA Window Space in Hossegor

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