Dakine’s Leashes Redesigned To Withstand The Harshest Conditions

Earlier this year Dakine launched their new Pe’Ahi leash, made stronger to withhold the toughest of conditions and now they have rolled this technology out across the whole of their leash line. Each element of their previous designs has been remastered to be stronger, lighter and more comfortable for the wearer. 

Press Release: For over three decades, Dakine has been making surf leashes that help protect surfers and their boards.This presents challenges. As the sport evolves, riders´ demands change. It takes constant listening to surfers to be able to meet those demands.

Most Dakine athletes have been in the team since they were kids. Dakine watched them grow up and set new standards out of Pe’Ahi.  It was then that Dakine realised that their leashes needed a complete re-design. They needed to offer these riders the peace of mind they expected.

Many trips from the lab to the water and back resulted in a complete over-haul from the rail saver to the cuff. This new design was initially thought for a big wave leash that could withstand the power of “Jaws”. Dakine then implemented this technology in every leash size. The moulded neoprene in the cuff makes the leash lighter, more comfortable and less slippery. The Opti-Flex leash end offers maximum durability. The Dura-Cord rope provides maximum strength. Finally, the Posi-Lock hook and loop makes sure the leash never rips off.

Dakine rider Conor McGuire has been testing the new Dakine leashes in the brave Irish waters. He shares his impressions: – “Dakine’s improvements to the leashes are quite substantial. We’ve had our heaviest winter to date in Ireland, with back-to-back swells battering our coast. The conditions couldn’t have been more testing, which has proven to me that Dakine’s product is leaps and bounds above the rest. Not one leash snapped or even showed signs of wear and tear by the end of the season. I even tried using a smaller 6’ leash in 8-10ft surf in the hope of finding some fault, but it didn’t even flinch! Being able to rely on your equipment is essential to your safety and your peace of mind. Peace of mind leads to confidence and confidence helps you perform at your highest level, which is essential in heavy waves”.

Markus Otto, Dakine EMEA Marketing Manager, couldn’t be prouder of this product range. – The redesigned range of Dakine leashes combines comfort and strength in a perfect balance. It’s an outstanding product that our team riders trust every day. I tested the leashes in many different conditions myself and the performance is simply impressive”.

The new redesigned range of surf leashes includes the Pro Comp series (0-4’ wave size), Kainu Team series (5-8’ swells), Kainui series (6-10’ surf) and the Kainui Big Wave series (the go-to leash for 8-15’ waves).

The new complete collection of leashes, traction, board bags and accessories is available at speciality retailers and online at eu.dakine.com.

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