WearColour Founders Take Back Control Of Company

Founders Thor Kruse, Johan Ullbro, and Fredrik Abrahamson have taken back leadership of the company and the brands WearColour and VOID Cycling. The majority of the handover back to the founders has been completed already with the trio feeling confident moving forward and taking back leadership. 



Press Release: The founders Thor Kruse, Johan Ullbro, and Fredrik Abrahamson take over the leadership of Colour Wear AB and the brands WearColour and VOID Cycling. During the last two years, the focus has been on creating a new brand profile WearColour, as well as establishing VOID Cycling internationally. Peter Hulander, who has been the CEO for the last two years, has implemented a lot of positive changes, contributed with knowledge, and given the founders the work environment needed.

A large part of the important change work is now complete and the founders feel ready to take back the leadership of the company. With shared responsibility, the founders will take the company towards the high targets they have for both brands.

“It is now time for us three founders to take over the leadership of the company. We believe that with a shared responsibility between us, with our different competencies and insight into the company, it is we who are best suited to reach the goals we have for the brands. We want to thank Peter for the change work he implemented, and wish him luck in the future”, Thor Kruse, founder.

VOID Cycling

VOID Cycling

During Peter Hulander’s two years at the company, a lot has happened and he really wants to emphasise that the work done could not have been done without a good team of strong individuals.

“It has been two fantastic years with Colour Wear and VOID, where we mapped out a way to focus on change. It is a company that bases itself in the strong entrepreneurial culture and the development we have had is best carried on with the strong entrepreneurial spirit within the founders. Finally, I want to mention the employees of the company, who are absolutely fantastic. The drive, passion, and desire to always be the best and do their utmost in collaboration, with a large portion of readiness to accept change is fantastic”, Peter Hulander.

WearColour is a Swedish lifestyle brand. We express trends through technical garments influenced by Swedish fashion and design heritage. Our ambition is to inspire people from different generations and cultures to explore their active lifestyle. Life is your canvas and we are colour.

VOID Cycling is a bike clothing brand created by passionate riders from Sweden. We are on a mission to fill the void between work and play, emotions and logic, the bike and the clothes. VOID Cycling is a constant reminder to take time off and focus on those soulful moments. VOID Cycling perfectly merges Swedish design and high-end functionality with contemporary fashion. We bring fashion to cycling.

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