Wildcard Launches FCS-To-Futures Fins Adapter

The WildCard Fin Adapter makes your FCS type (twin-tab) fins compatible with your Futures type (single-tab) fin system. The premise behind the device is to allow consumers to use their favourite twin-tab fins with a board that has a single-tab fin system, thus providing many more options when it comes to board/fin combinations.

Press Release: The Wildcard Fin Adapter consists of a true carbon fibre composite construction to reduce the weight but improve strength and durability. The provided stainless steel set screws secure the adapter to your FCS type (twin-tab) fins and the unique adapter geometry fits snugly into your Futures type (single-tab) fin boxes.

The Wildcard Fin Adapter is easy to install following these 3 simple instructions:

  1. Insert FCS type fin into its corresponding WildCard Fin Adapter (Left, Right and Centre/Rear).
  2. Secure FCS type fin to the WildCard Fin Adapter using the provided stainless-steel set screws.
  3. Insert the adapter and fin assembly into the corresponding Futures type fin box (Left, Right and Centre/Rear) and then secure the assembly with the fin-box set screw.

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