MATTAshapes Presents New Team Riders

The MATTA surf team has recently expanded with four new groms, from across Europe and aged between 8-12, being added to the brand’s roster.

Alvaro de la Fuente

Alvaro de la Fuente

Press Release: MATTA presents New Team Riders

In a perspective of believing in the future, MATTA team counts with 4 new groms: Marco Albacete from Spain with 8 years old; Alvaro de la Fuente also from Spain with 10 years old; Brando Giovannoni from Italy with 11; and Hugo Le Foll from France with 12 years old.

Four new surfers from different locations but all very young, showing the importance given from MATTA to develop surfers performance since their younger ages:

“MATTA is very famous in France and have excellent surfers on the team, I’m very proud to be part of this project and that motivates me even more to continue to progress, to achieve good results and to promote MATTA surfboards in my region.”, said Hugo Le Foll.

For Alvaro de la Fuente: “I’m very happy to be part of the MATTA family, for the great support, interest and personal treatment of the whole team and in particular of Nuno.”.

“I’m very happy with my new MATTA Surfboards because with them my surfing is faster. They weigh nothing and I can do good turns and I have a lot of fun.” said Marco Albacete.

“I’m very honoured to surf with MATTA surfboards, I always followed Roberto D’Amico and Sam Piter and now we’re on the same team!! As soon as I met Nuno he made me feel as one of the family, I’m very happy for that.”, said Brando Giovannoni.

“The sooner you start working with a shaper, the sooner you’ll get best results. I’m very pleased to welcome these new young riders and very proud of my all team riders.”, said Nuno Matta.

Check the MATTA team profiles:

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