Surfilmfestibal Presents The Surfer And Paradise Book By Iñigo Urdinaga

The guys at the San Sebastien based Surfilmfestibal are proud to present the new book by writer, Iñigo Urdinaga, who has been heavily involved in the festival ever since its inception. The book is, on one hand, a fictitious story about a surfer from a small village but is also a social commentary on globalisation in the realm of surfing. 

Press Release: It’s an honour to collaborate in the presentation of this book. It’s author, Iñigo Urdinaga, is member of the Surfilmfestibal family, he was a member of the jury in 1st edition, and he has always been a great supporter of the event. The design of the book is by Jorge Elosegui, whose studio Cosas Primo has designed some epic posters for the festival.

The Surfer and Paradise is not a book about surfing. It’s anthropology, sociology, urbanism, environmentalism, it tells us the life of a person, whom thanks to surfing, sees the world from his small village, Orio.

The world of surfing, like Earth, is getting overcrowded; good waves are a limited natural resource and surf’s hyper-commercialisaton is causing problems. The book brings a critical vision, without seeking controversy. At the same time, it makes us thoroughly enjoy the beauty and epic of surfing.


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