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What do you think are going to be the key trends for sunglasses in 2018?
We see more of a move to new versions of retro shapes with interesting combinations colours and finishes.

Which of these trends are you incorporating into your collection and how are you doing that?
Along with new style injections we are also reinventing some of our most successful styles from the past and allowing everything to relate to each other through the use of matte finishes and metal details.

King Cobra

King Cobra

What lens technologies are you working with? Please explain.
The majority of our product utilises polycarbonate technology combined with coordinate lens colours and the appearance of subtle reflective iridium.

What are the most popular lens tints you’re offering? Do you have any new additions planned?
Frame style is a significant influencing factor in regard to lens colour, but Grey, Green and Brown tend to be ongoing. Iridium reflective lenses have been popular, but we see a move to a more subtle approach to colour in this area.



What colour pallets and patterns are you using for your frames?Organic colours work well with matte finishes and metal details. Translucent darks in Brown, Char, Olives and Blacks along with matt torts and gunmetal. There is also a trend toward transparent frames in organic colours.

If you do prescription glasses: what are the main trends here and how are you implementing them?
Prescription glasses is something we are looking at doing going forward, but as noted before we see new versions of retro shapes with interesting combinations colours and finishes being also relevant in this area..



3 key products – names& features:
New style names like VERVE, RIVAL and BOHEMIA are part of our ranges going forward. Key features are matte finishes and metal details, organic colours, new versions of retro shapes, reinventing successful styles.

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