European Freelance Manufacturers Can Now Shape At Xhapeland, Portugal

Surfboard manufacturing factory, Xhapeland, based in Cascais, Portugal will be offering independent shapers the chance to work within their premises in a designated co-working space. 

To be named ‘The Shapers Nest’, this project will allow freelance board manufacturers from across the continent an opportunity to work in an exciting and innovative environment at the heart of a thriving water sports factory.

Xhapeland wants to give independent shapers the opportunity to see their boards produced in a large-scale manufacturing unit. Services on offer will include blank cutting, painting, fin box placement, glassing and sanding. The factory has the ability to produce surfboards, SUPs, skimboard, wakeboards and many other water-based boards.

The Shapers Nest will include two factory-integrated shape rooms and an office space for designing and any paper-based work.

Currently Xhapeland is responsible for the manufacturing of Chilli Surfboards, Rusty Surfboards, Town & Country Surfboards, JR Surfboards, WANTED Shapes and Rskimboards across Europe.


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