Vampirate Surfboards And Emery Surfboards Join The Glassing Monkey Family

It has been announced that Al Emery of Emery Surfboards and Mark Gnech from Vampirate Surfboards will now be joining the family at Glassing Monkey. These two juggernauts of the shaping world will join a host of their peers at Glassing Monkey with names such as Luke Short and Simon Anderson already on the roster. 

Glassing Monkey

Vampirate Surfboards

Press Release: After the partnership with Luke Short and Simon Anderson to produce and sell the PU boards in Europe, Glassing Monkey can now announce that Mark Gnech from Vampirate Surfboards and Al Emery from Emery, have joined the family that already sees Matt Barrow, Clayton and Aloha as members.

“Its insane to have these guys onboard…” says Nuno “… we have learnt so much with Master Simon and with Luke, and now we complete our family with those 2 great guys and shapers.”

Glassing Monkey

Adam Melling Black Angel Step Up Emery Surfboards

Al Emery – Alan Emery grew up surfing the famed right point of Lennox Head and the surrounding epic waves of the Northern NSW area, Australia. Any spare time that Al had out of the water as a grommet was spent learning all aspects of shaping, design and the production process within the Surfboard Industry. This coupled with the vast amount of Australasian Pro Junior, WQS and CT surfers riding Al’s boards, has helped Alan refine his shapes, contours and rockers to an extremely high level producing boards that are suitable for all levels of surfing and wave types. Al’s passion for surfing & surfboards is shown through his constant motivation to improve on designs not only for himself but also for his team and customers. This along with the dedication & drive that is put into the quality shapes and design innovation has made Emery Surfboards a significant force within the Surfboard Industry. The Surfboard Industry consumes Al’s life, by literally living & breathing every moment of it. When he’s not in the lab working with new materials, designs and process he’s out there surfing with his team and mates.

Glassing Monkey

Mark Gnech – Late in the summer of two thousand and something, Ozzy Wrong moved to 5 Loftus St Narrabeen adjacent to the lovely no.6 which was occupied by the underground shaping hero Mark Gnech….

It didn’t take Mark long to notice Ozzy’s love of riding the unconventional, and Ozzy was quick to notice Marks freezer was full of dead rats. The pair have been experimenting with foam ever since and the results have been phenomenal.

From a two headed Mexican batman named “Pablo and Pedro” (shaped by Ozzy) to the eleven different board models shaped by Gnech and other stuff we like the boys also happen to moonlight as bass players in rock’n’roll bands! Ozzy in the “Goons of Doom” and Gnech in the “Drunken Sailors” swash buckling pirates.

So it was born of a new surfboard built on freedom and rock’n’roll.

Nuno also reveals that soon we will have the family all together for an event in Spain, where we can have talk with Luke Short and Simon Anderson about the history and details of the surfboard industry with these two giants of the shaping world.


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