Patagonia Donates $150,000 To Punta De Lobos Through Its Personal Surf Inflation Vest Patent Program

Patagonia announced earlier this year that those using their inflatable PSI Vest for surfing big waves must pay a fee for an environmental cause and they’ve announced that its thanks to this fee that they’ve been able to donate $150,000 to Fundacion Punta De Lobos.

Patagonia PSI Vest

Press Release: In February, Patagonia announced that surf industry members using Patagonia’s patented PSI Vest technology could use it in exchange for a fee to benefit environmental causes. As a result of this program, Patagonia will make its first donation of $150,000 to Fundacion Punta De Lobos. This donation continues to close the gap needed to fully protect this iconic point. The donation, in conjunction with Patagonia’s release of its PSI Vest to the public, continues Patagonia’s effort to change the surf industry.

“Turning five years of research and development into a program where we use our intellectual property to get industry members to help protect an iconic surf break is another point of difference for Patagonia’s surf business” said Jason McCaffrey, Patagonia’s director of surf.  “Protecting Punta de Lobos provides the perfect backdrop for the launch of our own vest to surfers who demonstrate a commitment to surfing big waves. We’re excited to get the vest out there in our Ventura and Hale’iwa stores to surfers who have completed the BWRAG Big Wave Safety Course and who go through training with Patagonia during the purchase.”

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