Reveal Cheapest Places To Learn To Surf

The Surf Lesson Price Index curated by, a technology company in the surf travel space, has revealed that Ireland, Spain and the UK are the three cheapest places to learn to surf in Europe respectively, with Ecuador taking the title of cheapest place to learn to surf in the world.

Surf Lesson Price Index

Surf Lesson Price Index

Press Release:  The Surf Lesson Price Index compiled by tech travel company has ranked UK Surf Schools as the 2nd cheapest country in Europe to have a surf lesson, and 10th overall in the world at £30.

Norway is the most expensive at £98. And Ecuador is the cheapest place in the world for a surf lesson at £17.

Of British people who travelled in 2016 for surf lessons, 22% of them favoured Portugal. France was the next most popular at 15%, and Spain third with 11%. Other popular destinations include Morocco, Ireland, Indonesia and Barbados.

America remains the most popular country to visit for surf lessons with 12% of bookings going to the US and Hawaii. Australia is second with 10%. The next highest is Portugal at 8%. Portugal faces 800km of Atlantic Ocean swell and has become one of the most popular surf destination in the world with a 20% increase on 2015. The United Kingdom sits in 14th place with 3% .

The Surf Lesson Price Index analysed surf lesson booking data from over 1,250 surf schools around the world.

Surfholidays provides booking software to surf schools and surf camps. Its technology analysed the different cost of a surf lessons throughout 35 different surf countries and which countries people were travelling to for surf. CEO Nicky Kelly said “Surfing continues its strong growth as a holiday activity. Countries in Europe are now fully established as having some of the best surf beaches to learn how to surf and it is here the British public are travelling to rather than further afield. 

The availability of cheap air carriers over the last decade has made it easier to get to surf destinations, and our technology allows surfers to book lessons and accommodation in advance so all they have to think about is chasing their next wave.”


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