Surfdome Working With Less Plastic In Their Packaging

The team at Surfdome are working in conjunction with Less Plastic, a family-run organisation based in South Devon, UK that promotes strategies and products to tackle the significant issue of ocean plastic. As an online retailer, Surfdome are working hard to reduce the plastic waste that they generate in a bid to reduce their adverse environmental impact. 

9 steps to use less plastic packaging

9 steps to use less plastic packaging

Press Release: Despite our efforts to tackle ocean plastic by reducing the plastic waste we generate, we’ve noticed large volumes of plastic keep sneaking into our lives with our online orders.

Online shopping has exploded over the last decade. In 2016 UK online sales reached £133 billion (up 16% on the previous year) and despite the current challenging economic climate, online retail performance looks set to grow as shoppers continue to look for convenience and bargains.

However, this upward trend is not good news for our oceans. The majority of online orders arrive encased in plastic packaging, and recent research suggests that a staggering 32% of plastic packaging escapes collection systems and enters our natural environment.

Whilst effective packaging is important to ensure the safe delivery of goods, given the harmful and long-term effects of plastic on the environment, particularly our oceans, it’s clear we need to radically rethink the prolific use of plastic packaging.

Surfdome is a forward-thinking, ocean-loving online outdoor fashion retailer that’s leading the way reducing their environmental impact by using less plastic in their packaging.

They recently carried out an audit of their business processes and identified several areas where significant reductions in plastic usage could be made, many of which resulted in cost savings too.

We’re excited to have teamed up with Surfdome to create our latest easy-to-implement infographic to help other businesses learn from Surfdome’s experiences and hopefully feel inspired to make positive changes too.

Head over to the Surfdome blog to find out more about their collaboration with Less Plastic.


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