Art You Can Ride, Tikihine Range By Starboard

Startboard have allowed team rider and artist, Sonni Honscheid to express her creativity on their 2018 Tikihine range of SUPs.

Starboard Tikhine

Starboard Tikhine

Press Release: Starboard team rider, Sonni Honscheid has designed the 2018 line of Starboard Tikhine standup paddle boards. Sonni is both an artist and a sup racer and Starboard mastermind/CEO, Svein Rasmussen, offered her the opportunity to bring her ART on board.
If you know Sonni Honscheid’s artwork, you know it’s whimsical, colorful and full of love for the ocean. Her website is a journey through color and vibrant energy, and it will inspire you to celebrate a life on the water.

“The ocean is my main inspiration.” — Sonni Honscheid

This 2018 Tikhine line of “Art You can Ride” by Starboard and Sonni, is being shipped in both inflatables and composites as special editions begin to drop in to select retailer markets this month.

Here’s what Sonni has to say about her recent collaboration:
“Painting is like writing a diary for me about all my experiences, paddling and exploring different places around the world with their beautiful landscapes, people, different cultures and the OCEAN connecting everything.

The ocean is my main inspiration.

I’m really proud and happy to have the chance on this beautiful collaboration with Starboard on the Tikhine Go Range, “Art You can Ride” line of standup paddle boards – a result combining my two biggest passions – paddling and art.” –  Sonni Honscheid, Starboard Dream Team Rider

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