Protest Reaches More Than 20 Million People With Latest ‘Prepare To Get There’ Campaign

Protest have managed to reach a staggering 20 million people in their latest ‘Prepare To Get There’ campaign. The campaign encouraged surfers to ‘find the stoke’ wherever they were in the world with Protest releasing a number of videos that saw surfers using their initiative to ‘get there’. 

Press Release: We are thrilled to announce that our latest campaign ‘Prepare To Get There’ has reached more than 20 million people. Through the creation of distinct content, that perfectly aligns with Protest’s DNA, in combination with a strong media plan, we have succeeded in executing an extremely unique and successful campaign throughout all of Europe.

Digital Strategy

By optimal harmonisation of owned, earned & paid media, Protest ultimately reached millions of Europeans on diverse online channels through exceptional methods. Some stats:

•Impressions 22.295.677

•Average CTR: 1,25

•Average CPM: € 2,05

•Channels: Web, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Philosophy behind the campaign

Protest launched it’s “Prepare To Get There” campaign in order to inspire surfers everywhere that no matter where you are, you can prepare. Even without the right conditions, you can get out there. All you need is your board, a whole bunch of creativity, some guts, and voilà, new conditions are born. Don’t let anything stand between you and your board. Get out and prepare yourself to get there.

‘To hell with obstacles’ …

… ‘To hell with logic, to hell with obstacles. Let’s do what we love.”Since day one, Protest reminds riders the reason why they set foot on a board in the first place – to have fun! With our latest campaign “Prepare To Get There”, Protest prepares all surfers for the season. In a series of three videos surfers show their skills and push themselves and their gear to the next level.

Editorial Content | 10 tips how to prepare on your surf trip

We offered editorial content to all the press & media. It was a fun article with 10 tips on how to prepare for you next surf trip. From how you’ve gotta have balls, to getting a waxjob, to listen to your mother, to gargling salt-water, it was all in the article. This editorial content was published through several different media platforms through Europe.


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