cOLLAPSe Bro’Pool Party, Biarritz Recap

The recent cOLLAPSe skateboards birthday session that took place in Biarritz’ la Cité de l’Océan bowl saw some big names kill it in the bowl (Partaix, Poole, Pellegrin, Lintell, Verbruggen, Leon, Benoliel…) whilst an impressive crowd watched on from the sidelines. 

Press Release: It’s in the now infamous rooftop bowl of la Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz, France, that cOLLAPSe skateboards celebrated its 6th anniversary. Following two 100% street events in Hossegor, it was time to move south for a transition session, but once more on a not-made-to-skate architectural piece!

Concept was simple: cOLLAPSe skateboards, Globe, RVCA and Savate skate socks team riders all invited a ‘bro’ to come share an epic session, so ended up around the bowl: George Poole, Charles Collet, Danny Leon, Julien Benoliel, Victor Pellegrin, Harry Lintell, Noah Mahieu, Pauliana Laffabrier, Gaëtan Ducellier, Jarne Verbruggen, Uryann Raudet, Hugo Westrelin, Sacha Pinon, les frères Cerutti, Vincent Milou, Vincent

Coupeau, Ian Campbell, Dimitri Kostoff, Samuel Partaix, Martin Le Clair and Benji Russell, serious line up !

Contest format was simple too: there was none, just a good old 1h30 jam during which the best tricks were rewarded with 10€ notes, but on top of that, our two judges Matt Débauché and Vincent Matheron, supervised by Jérémie Grynblat, were in charge of decerning some special awards: Best Line GLOBE , Best Air RVCA, Best Flip Trick PAX, Best Lip Trick, Longest slide/grind, Hip Master and Shallow Ruler, but when it came to give the main prize of the session away, the cOLLAPSe Bro’Ward, riders themselves had to pick the rider of their choice.

Impossible to tell everything that happened and the video will explain way better anyway, but the least we can relate is how Sam Partaix, George Poole, Julien Benoliel and Danny Leon shredded their asses off, skating non-stop and landing unthinkable tricks, unbelievable session!

Danny both prizes

Danny Leon wins both prizes


• Best Air RVCA (150€): Danny Leon – head high fs air

• Best Flip Trick PAX (150€): Danny Leon – fs flip stalefish

• Best Line GLOBE (200€): Sam Partaix

• Best Lip Trick (150€): Julien Benoliel – bs nosegrind deep end

• Longest slide/grind (150€): Sam Partaix – Rock n roll boardslide
deep end

• Hip Master (150€): George Poole – Bs tweaker & bs noseblunt

• Shallow Ruler (150€): Julien Benoliel – roll out (on pavement!)
nosegrind roll in

• Bro’Ward cOLLAPSe (500€): Julien Benoliel
Big thank you to all the riders, to the large crowd, to Globe Europe, RVCA Europe, Pax Vapor, Savate Skateboarding Socks, Buzzz Skateshop, Hall04&Cie skateparks, DJ Jebronskybeat, Marion & Olivier @ la Cité de l’Océan, Nicolas Gay @ Skateclub Hossegor, Iony Tus, Clément Le Gall, Julien Dellion, Seb Abes, cafétéria Le Sin…Sorry if i forgot anybody, thank you!

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