Quiksilver & Roxy’s Ed Martin Reflects On Company’s Debut Boardmasters Partnership

Boardmasters is the UK’s premiere surfing event and festival, held in Newquay Cornwall annually and for 2017 Quiksilver and Roxy took the headline sponsor slots. As well as taking naming rights for the QS surf events (Quiksilver & Roxy Opens), the two brands ran branding activations concurrently. Boardmasters’ appeal has grown rapidly in recent years and far beyond ‘core’ surf fans and from Roxy beach yoga sessions to sponsored athletes, the event gave Quiksilver and Roxy exposure to a new, more mainstream demographic.

SOURCE spoke with Edward Martin, Marketing Manager for Quiksilver, Roxy & DC (UK & Ireland) for their take-home from the event.

Ed Martin (UK and Ireland Marketing Manager) for Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes. Photo by Ruth Cutts

Ed Martin (UK and Ireland Marketing Manager) for Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes. Photo by Ruth Cutts

How did the decision come about to sponsor Boardmasters? 
I have been invited to the Boardmasters festival for over six years now and every time I go there I see the potential. When I was given Quiksilver and Roxy [to look after] as well as DC, I saw the fit made even more sense. Last year I encouraged my colleague Niels [Niels Frederik Van Espen, Marketing Coordinator Northern Europe] over from Belgium, and made him drag his wheelie bag through the sand dunes at Fistral, then slowly made our way to Watergate Gate, just so he could also see what I was always talking about. When you see all those people having a great time next to the ocean it just makes sense to get involved!

Why is important for Quiksilver & Roxy to partner with Boardmasters? 
Boardmasters totally captures all the positive things that Quiksilver and Roxy are about. Doing the things that you are passionate about during the day, surfing, yoga just being next to the sea, then having fun and a good time in the evenings! A perfect balance.

Photo by Megan Hemsworth

Photo by Megan Hemsworth

Is it a multi-year contract? 
Hopefully we can continue this partnership and grow it.

Which athletes / activations did you showcase over the weekend?
We had multiple athletes at Boardmasters, national riders from all over Europe were in the line-up in the water, on the stages, hosting and participating in the yoga, such as Justine Mauvin, Lee Ann Curren, Vahine Fierro, Rhys Barfield, Stan Norman, Cieran Hughes, Emma Jaulin and Sophie Everard. The Quik and Roxy open were both great, and the yoga mornings both on the beach and at the View Stage at Watergate were really cool and got everyone stoked!

Credit Boardmasters

Credit Boardmasters

What were the highlights of the weekend?
The Roxy Fitness Yoga mornings at the View Stage were a massive highlight. Seeing all the girls turn up each morning doing yoga with such an amazing backdrop, also whatever the weather. Friday was a bit wet, but they still all walked away with massive smiles on their faces. That was cool. Also I loved seeing all the blue Quiksilver shaka hands go up in the air at the start of the Stormzy set. Really cool sight!

What are you looking for as your ROI? 
The main focus was just to share the brand with a bunch of people that might not have known us much before. Most people in the South West know the brands, but a lot of people travel from all over for this festival, so it was great to expose the brands in our natural environment to some new faces. It is all about associating our brands with those good times you have in life. If we can get a few more people surfing and doing yoga then that’s a bonus!

Quik & Roxy are investing in consumer surf events – Quik & Roxy Pro France and also the Boardmasters surf events. How important is it to have a physical presence in the information age? 
I feel it is important to been seen as supporting what you stand for. We like to support from the grass roots through to the bigger more visible events, this shows that our company is true to its roots but for brand awareness nowadays you need to do both. These are both heavily documented events so it is beneficial to be visible on every level.

Credit Boardmasters

Credit Boardmasters

What content did you bank from the weekend? 
A bunch of cool images and edits of our athletes, ambassadors and the general public enjoying themselves. It was also great to stoke out our invited media and clients and hoped they walk away understanding and sharing the brands more across their platforms. We already have some great content lined up off the back of the festival.

The UK is obviously a key market for Quik & Roxy – which other European markets are top performers?  
France of course with the HQ there, Spain and also GAS (Germany, Austria, Swiss).

What are your key goals over the coming 24 months for both brands?
Increase participation in the brands and reignite the passion for the brands that many people have or had. With the new collections and plans going forward it is an exciting time and one that we want to share with everyone. We are having more fun again whist becoming a smarter business overall – not as easy as it sounds!

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