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Retail Buyers Guide:  Wakeboard Hardware 2018




Tell us about your 2018 wakeboard Helmet Hardware.
For our summer Wake offering we sell Helmets, Shades and some select Soft Goods. We’re building our helmets and helmet liners stronger and more durable to stand up to the harsh conditions that water sports puts on equipment ie; Stronger Velcro and better built fit pads that don’t fall apart after a few sessions.

We’re also doing more cool prints, coluorways and collabs and for Spring/Summer 2018 we’re introducing our very first Pro Model helmet with Dylan Miller.

Aesthetics / Pro Riders
Any stand out new graphics or artwork collaborations, etc?
We have an awesome collaboration running for it’s second season with Sesitec. They build the best cables systems in the world, they’re an awesome crew with a lot of the same team riders so it’s a great partnership for us. 

We’re also introducing our very first Pro Model helmet for Spring/Summer 2018 with Dylan Miller. Dylan is our longest standing wake team rider and a very influential rider in the wake scene. Dylan is a great fit for the Sandbox brand and he represents the brand message and style of our Brand very well.



Retailer Help
How are you helping retailers sell your product and which method of help seems to be the most effective?
We offer key retailers a custom Sandbox wall build out with our helmet racks and custom made imagery to fit with their store aesthetics. We also offer promo gear for key shop and park staff and coaches as well as support local shop events whenever we can. 

Earlier Drop
Over the last 3 years, we have seen delivery of next season’s kit coming out earlier and earlier. Traditionally the new seasons equipment was delivered to shops just before spring. It is now being delivered as early as September and October, almost 5 months earlier than what the industry is predominantly used to. Will you be releasing any of your 2018 kit to dealers this fall, how important is this early delivery to your brand, do you see this as a benefit to the industry?
We’ve seen some of this happening mostly with the board brands. As a helmet and accessories brand we really don’t believe it’s good for our retailers and cable parks for us to be releasing new goods early or out of season that could hurt sell through of the goods they have already pre-booked and have committed to having on their shelves.



Key Products
Tell us about your 3 key products for 2018 and why you think they will be great sellers / important.
The Dylan Miller pro model in our Legend Low Rider – wake/water certified design. No one else is doing pro models, it looks and fits great and it gives back to the riders and the core community of wakeboarding.

The new Skyline shades – The Skyline is a new unisex sunglass design for SS18 and it’s a more modern shape to anything we’ve done before in our shades line up.

The Park Property Rental – No other brand is making a cool looking park specific rental helmet. We’ve been able to lower the cost on this unit while taking nothing away from the quality, look and performance of the helmet. We also feature a large sizing symbol on the exterior of the helmet so it’s easy for the park staff to determine the correct size also letting the customer know what size he or she is for later purchasing the correct Sandbox helmet size when they decide to purchase their own helmet. New for SS18 is the rental now comes in XS for the kids.

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