SOURCE Debuts Wakeboard Coverage With 2018 Retail Buyer’s Guide

BoardSport SOURCE, Europe’s only b2b platform for boardsports is starting coverage of the wakeboard market. Launched in 2002 we currently cover surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and SUP, so wakeboarding is a natural progression for us.

Tim Woodhead

Tim Woodhead

Tim Woodhead of is our Wakeboard Editor and he brings many years of knowledge and experience to the BoardSport SOURCE editorial team. Tim left school in 1997 and started work  at a wakeboard shop on the shores of Lake Windermere. Twenty years later and he is still working within the sport. During the last two decades he has run and managed snowboard / wakeboard shops, been heavily involved in the UK edition of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, co-organised numerous events and tours including Wakestock and stops of the Wakeboard World Series. Over the last few years he developed his own company; Industry Wake Parks, who provide the cable tow equipment, floating features and consultancy to wake parks all over the UK and Ireland. The key aim being to grow the sport by helping people open new wake parks. He also runs and owns his own parks, which not only get people on the water, but also sell hardware.


Issue 92 Cover


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