Inaugural Swiss Wavepool Championships Results

The first ever 2017 Swiss Wavepool Championship was held on September 1 – 3, 2017 at the stationary Wave Factory Citywave in middle of Zürich, Switzerland.


Winners of the Expression Session

Press Release: The Wave Factory Citywave facility brings inland surfing to the forefront of Swiss surfing culture with the Swiss Wavepool Championship being Switzerland’s official national competition in wavepool surfing. The most successful surfers in the competition even qualified for the  ‘Swiss Landlocked Surfing Team’ according to the Swiss Surfing Association.

The contest had a number of different divisions including; Surf Open, Surf Ladies, Expression Session, Juniors, Longboard (minimum 4 participants), Others (e.g. Bodyboard, Masters, Seniors, minimum 8 participants). The requirements for entry to the comp were as followed; had to be of Swiss nationality (except Expression Session), compliance with the SSA Competition Rules, insurance had to be covered by the participants and those aged under 18 had to be accompanied by their parents or another adult supervisor.

2017 Swiss Wavepool Championships Results


Winners of the Men’s Division


1. Martin Suter

2. Milan Brunner

3. Jan Schenk

4. Dimitri Scholl

5. Stefan Baumer

6. Ben Heer

7. Vincent Schneider

8. Fabian Villarroel

9. Roland Hauser

10. Bene Sarkany

11. Marcel Federle

12. Albert Würsch

13. Stefan Gilg

14. Jürg Häberling

15. Patrick Gönner

16. Georg Dietrich

17. Daniel Paez

18. David Debrunner

Ben Heer, as the only junior participating, took with his 6th place in the Men division also the victory for the Junior division.


Winners of the Women’s Division


1. Rahel Brunner

2. Rachel Bonhôte

3. Martina Erne

4. Annik Bollag

5. Jackie Pfenninger

6. Marlies Morf


1. Humberto Arzola

2. Markus Egger

3. Bryan Souza

4. Alejandra Moreno

5. Cesar Zambrano


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