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How is the overall health of the European skate shoes market right now? What are the biggest markets?
[Tony Chen] The overall European skate shoe market remains very challenging. The best-selling models continue to be the models at the lower end of the price scale. However, we are seeing a steady growth with a few of our higher end chub tech models, which is very promising. In general, if we maintain season over season numbers that’s considered a victory. There are a few bright spots for us like Italy for our distribution customers and the UK for our direct to retail business.

What are the cuts, silhouettes and materials for Spring Summer 2018?
[Rob Dotson] The Osiris SPR / SUM ’18 collection has a blended mix of low tops and high tops featuring the simplest of deign to the more complexed. When you look through the collection you will discover a cohesiveness that is true to the Osiris DNA and continues the iconic design philosophy the brand has been known for the past 21 years. 

As for our materials selections, we have looked anywhere and everywhere for influence and this has allowed for a much broader mix to work with while allowing us to have a lot of fun during the design process.  We have worked very closely with our factory to compile and very comprehensive material library. This library is compiled of premium leathers to unique textiles as well as a select collection of custom materials developed by Osiris.


What are the hot trends of the season? Return of 1990s models with new tech? Mid-tops? What do you say?
[Tony Chen & Rob Dotson] For SPR / SUM ’18 season, we took two of our most iconic styles the NYC 83 and the D3 and created the D3H. It’s a blend of two of the most successful style Osiris has ever produced and hopefully it will be a repeat performance.

We started with taking the silhouette of the NYC83 and refining the overall pattern to accommodate the super-loop lacing system of the D3 2001 merging the two seamlessly while sliming the overall design to be more in-line with what is working in today’s market. 

One thing we here at Osiris have been known for is setting trends, which has been seen with the success of the original D3 and D3 2001as well as the NYC83 high-top.  We continue to push ourselves to think outside the box and always find ways to reinvent ourselves when it comes to our overall design philosophy. 

It appears that customers are willing to pay extra money for performance technology. What are your most important tech stories for the season?
[Rob Dotson] Yes, this seems to be a continuing trend and we have seen it for some time now. When you look at our overall collection we try and cover a large range of price points to accommodate our customer’s needs.  This starts with our price sensitive styles like the Loot and Relic to our higher price point styles such as the D3 2001 and D3H.

When speaking of the higher price point styles there is a lot more that typically goes in to those styles anywhere from the materials, technical features and outsoles, which justifies the increased cost and our customer sees those added values in the overall design and performance of the shoe.

However, a higher price point doesn’t always mean a more technically looking shoe and this is true for the Techniq VLC, while the overall design is simple it’s built to perform from its upper design to its drop-in midsole / insole technology.  This allows the shoe to be slimmer, lighter and more flexible adding to its overall performance and durability


Techniq VLC white_black

Please point out the 3 key products in your collection that retailers HAVE to keep on their radar and tell us the story.
[Tony Chen & Rob Dotson] Moving in to SPR / SUM ’18 the styles that everyone should watch is the D3H, Techniq VLC and the D3 2001.

As previously mentioned the D3H is the ultimate hybrid of the two best-selling deigns of all time here at Osiris. With the success of the NYC83 over the last 10 years and the undeniable success of the D3 2001 it only made sense that these two come together for the next chapter.  This shoe is for the fans of both and gives them something truly unique and like nothing else out there, which has been Osiris objective since day one.

With the Techniq VLC our objective was to do something clean and specific to our roots in skateboarding.  Keeping the overall design simple allowed us to add to the shoes performance and durability while creating a timeless silhouette embodying everything that today’s skateboarders are looking for.

Over the last two years we have worked strategically with our retail partners in Europe and America to offer limited releases of classic colourways of the D3 2001.  In addition, we have developed all new colourways to keep the legacy growing and to satisfy the demand of the D3 fans and collectors globally. This shoe will forever have its place in skateboarding history.

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