MATTAShapes Make Surfboard With Waste Materials For Vissla & Surfrider Foundation Upcycle Contest

Vissla have once again worked with the Surfrider Foundation to put on the Innovators Upcycle Contest in 2017. The aim is to encourage shapers to create a surfboard out of anything that could be considered waste. MATTA have previously created a surfboard constructed from plastic bottles, cardboard, newspapers and other waste products and this year they’re thinking outside the box again and have created an even more innovative board. 

Press Release: “Converting waste into want” is the Vissla & Surfrider Foundation Creator & Innovators Upcycle Contest.

Vissla has partnered up with Surfrider Foundation to challenge the “wave conscious” to take something that might be considered waste and create something that can be used in the ocean.

In 2016 MATTA created a surfboard with: Plastic bottles; milk packs; cardboard box; EPS box; newspapers; trash fiber; and resin from the rack. That MATTA surfboard made with waste materials was one of the 4 world finalists and the surfboard was sent to the US for the exhibition. Click here to check the process.

For 2017 edition Nuno Matta got the inspiration on a Portuguese typical food market where he found a burlap bag. Back to the factory he joined waste EPS foam and biobased epoxy resin to create this new surfboard from waste materials.

The final result was amazing and Nuno Matta invited the team rider, Guilherme Ribeiro, to try it. After the surf session Guilherme was very surprised: “Can’t believe the surf I did with a surfboard made from waste materials, the surfboard it’s a bit heavier but the flow on the wave is incredible”.

“As a member of the Sustainable Surf Organisation, I have the goal to spread the word for the protection of the Oceans. So for example all our surfboards with SMARTech construction have a Sustainable Surf ECOBOARD label that guarantee that the SMARTech surfboard follows an ecologic method approved by Sustainable Surf Organization, so this kind of contests makes all the sense for everybody at MATTAfactory, and it’s good the see the commitment and involvement of all our coworkers for this contest”, said Nuno Matta.

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