Salt & Stone Brand Profile: Eco Skincare Products With Stellar Surf, Skate & Snow Athlete Representation

Targetting adventurers from snow to surf and skate, Salt & Stone‘s sun protection and skincare products are made entirely from natural plant-based products, cutting out harmful and toxic chemicals. The combination of organic UV absorbers and natural oils not only protects but moisturises at the same time. Endorsed by some of boardsports’ biggest names, including Craig Anderson, Jack Freestone, Dion Agius, Owen Wright, Pat Moore, Kai Neville, Jake Blauvelt, Corey Wilson, Gigi Ruf, Blake Paul, Austen Sweeten and more, we interviewed the man behind Salt & Stone, Nima Jalali.

Salt & Stone

Salt & Stone SPF 50 Face Paste

Please give an overview on how and why the company began?
We wanted to create a plant-based sunscreen and skin care line for everyday use. We were sick of all the chemical filled products on the market and felt there was a place for something more premium with a better-looking packaging and name.

Who is on the management team, and what are their backgrounds?
Corey Wilson and Kai Neville are partners in the brand and they both create content and manage the surf team. I run the business end with Lyndon Cabellon heading up sales.

Craig Anderson - Salt & Stone ambassador. Photo John Respondek

Craig Anderson – Salt & Stone ambassador. Photo John Respondek

What is the company MO?
Salt & Stone is dedicated to the things of wander and wonder. We create essential skin care products for all who are called to explore, escape, and revel in their experiences. We never compromise and use only the finest plant-based, natural, non-toxic, and antioxidant rich ingredients. The result is a superior collection of products that optimise your body and enhance your daily journey.

Please tell us about your product lineup.
We rolled Salt & Stone out with three products. SPF 30 sunscreen lotion, SPF 50 tinted face stick and an organic all natural lip balm. All the products are water resistant to the highest degree.

What technological/health considerations have you had to make for producing a sunscreen?
We conducted all necessary clinical testing that is required by the FDA. We also carried out rigorous testing with our team and worked on the formula until we perfected it. We feel we have created a superior, safe sunscreen for every day use. We are proud to say we don’t use harsh chemicals like oxybenzone and strictly use plant based ingredients.

Jake Blauvet. Photo: T Bird

Jake Blauvet. Photo: T Bird

Please tell us about the relationship you have with action sports athletes.
We have a crew of athletes we endorse in surf, skate and snow. On the surf side, we have Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Jack Freestone, Owen Wright and more. Skaters such as Alex Midler, Erik Ellington, Sammy Winter. We also have snowboarders Pat Moore, Jake Blauvelt, Gigi Ruf, Blake Paul, Joe Sexton, Austen Sweetin, Joe Sexton and more.

How else are you marketing the brand?
We are partnering up with Slow Tide on a collaboration and doing promotions with other brands like Tavik to spread the word. We are also doing a lot of social media marketing at the moment and plan on rolling out print ads in Monster Children, What Youth, and Wasted Talent soon.

What POS are you offering for retailers?
We have some really elegant countertop displays with a high-end wood finish that makes our product really stand out.

SPF 30 Face Cream, SPF 50 Face Paste, California Mint Lip Balm & SPF 50 Face Stick

SPF 30 Face Cream, SPF 50 Face Paste, California Mint Lip Balm & SPF 50 Face Stick

Will you be operating outside of the boardsports market?
We have been working with retailers like Colette, Need Supply, Ron Herman and other non-boardsport shops. We feel the product is not only limited to boardsports shops.

Could you talk a little about pricing?
Right now we sit right in the middle. Our SPF 30 lotion is 17.99 USD. A lot of all natural brands are at 25 USD and a lot of the cheaper guys are 10 USD, so we’re kinda right in the middle. We want to keep our stuff affordable even though our ingredients are mainly organic and premium.

Can we expect you to enter different product categories?
Yes. We are going to be releasing an all-natural deodorant soon as well as an SPF lip balm.

Salt & Stone

Salt & Stone


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