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mani vintage

What are the key trends in the sunglass segment and how do you answer them with your upcoming collections?
We believe that on growing market of cheap sunglasses, there is a segment of people that are interested on quality in right price point. The lens is important for us, also eco-friendliness in materials and manufacturing process is important.

We will see more mirrored lenses in expensive price points and louder colors. People like to make a statement with their sunglasses instead of settling the usual. We will offer the best lenses available combined hand crafted eco-friendly acetate in a competitive price point.

What lens technologies are you working with and can we expect anything new here?
Currently all our sunglasses come with our signature OV6 lenses. These are Nylon 6 based lenses offering optically the best quality material that combines high impact resistance, light weight, scratch resistance and 100% Japanese fused polarization.

On top of that we coat our lenses with anti-reflective layer and Oleo-phobic coatings, that fights finger prints and makes lenses easier to clean. Total combination is a very pleasant experience, where you can wear sunglasses all day long without your eyes getting tired.

Lots of our customers have said that its like looking High Definition picture. In same time lenses relaxes your eyes. Like one of our customers said, “Its like getting massage for your eyes”.

What colour pallets and patterns are you using for your frames? Are there any new shades and tints planned for your lenses?
We are coming out with more matte colors and louder acetates specifically designed for us. On lenses we will show some more mirrored lenses.


Ran Matte

What shapes are most popular for frames and lenses and what major new trends can we expect here?
Traditional frame styles will continue being popular, but metal / acetate combo frames and more aggressive wire frames keep continue getting more popular. Mirrored lenses will continue being more popular.

If you do prescription glasses: what are the main trends here?
All our sunglasses are RX ready, however we are not planning to launch our full RX program.. yet..

Please outline 3 of your key products:
Mani – Matte Black vintage tortoise temples combined with slightly mirrored OV6 lenses. This is unisex model, where the front is quite settle with trendy mirrored lenses, but temples are very trendy light tortoise color. These sunglasses can be worn anywhere, but they definitely will do a statement that you know your style

Ran – Matte Grey Havana with greenish OV6 lenses. This is one of our most popular Unisex frames. Grey matte Havana is specifically designed for us as acetate color. It is settle, but loud in same time. Matte finish makes it very pleasant to wear as the feeling is nice and almost silky feeling. It also brings out the high quality lenses out more defined.  This sunglass is glassy, but trendy in same time. It can be worn with suit, sports outfit or with swimming suit at beach or pool party.

Lofn – Matte Grey Havana with greenish OV6 lenses. Lofn shape is oversized girls only model. Design of the frame is classic but trendy, with bold lines and defined edges. Matte color brings out details and pops out the polarized lenses. Silhouette of the glass is seen, but it wont steal the whole attention. This is very popular style among the girls to wear at the beach or with your any daily outfit.

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