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Von Zipper

What are the key trends in the sunglass segment and how do you answer them with your upcoming collections?
We really feel that our market is evolving and prepared to take risks in terms of frames, were the combos and new features will make their way, but also in terms of lenses, with new technologies and colors.

Retro Modern with a fashion touch is a reality and we will see for sure, new crazy stuff on the action sports market like the New “Roller” we will launch in 2018.

On the other hand, we will see more pure technological developments, especially on lenses to deliver more performance and added value on the Polarized segments.

We are very confident with our next 2018 collection as we will cover all these trends with new models and lenses technology.

Von Zipper


We will expand our ALT collection, which is our frameless fashion forward collection bringing on new colors and frames.

On the other, through the launch of the new model Hitsville, we will continue to play with combos of Nylon Grilamid and metal, while delivering a wild retro modern look.

The inclusion of Polar Wildlife Lenses on our sport frames like LOMAX are perfect for everyone who wants performance and style for sports.

Women still have a word to say through models more fashion forward with strong contrasts between lenses and frames.

Von Zipper

What lens technologies are you working with and can we expect anything new here?
In terms of lenses we will continue to boost and expand our new patented technology “Wild Life Lenses” which will create an all new visual experience by selectively absorbing light in the area were the eye is more sensitive, creating an energy boost as well as a higher comfort in terms of comfort and clarity.

What colour pallets and patterns are you using for your frames? Are there any new shades and tints planned for your lenses?
We still see a good balance between Grey/Vintage Greys and Chromes towards the main models.

For 2018 we expect to bring some new colors, either in terms of Chromes, like the Blues and the Pinks, but also playing with gradients that are clearly a market trend.

Von Zipper


What shapes are most popular for frames and lenses and what major new trends can we expect here?
Regarding Frames, Blacks and Torts still rule the preferences of the consumers, however, more and more combos of metal and acetate/nylon grilamid are part of the brand success on the last years, that’s why we will continue to boost those kinds of frames, by launching new colors on models like PLIMPTON and new models like Hitsville.

If you do prescription glasses: what are the main trends here?
VZ Optic Line models personalize and lead a strong statement sunglasses line that reflects the wild and free VonZipper attitude towards life.

State of the art materials based on Italian acetate that could combo with metal bring this line to the highest level quality and design statement, while keeping our Wild DNA and value for money.

In terms of trend we’ll be playing from strong bulky models, to mixed combos of classic acetate and metal frames until we reach the pure women model through a classic reinvented cat eye model frame.

We only sell this range in optical stores were we aim to bring an all new approach and fresh air to this market.

Von Zipper


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