Innovative Surf-ID Concept Seeks To Revolutionise Surfboard Design

Surf-ID is an innovative way of measuring performance shortboards that delves much deeper than the tradition length, width, thickness and, more recently, volume measurements that have dictated the way shapers and consumers buy their surfboards. 

It is a project that has been developed over the past year, supported by the latest CFD technologies and with the assistance of a naval architect. The Surf-ID concept takes a set of simple measurements that any shaper or surfer can provide and, using a specific formula, will provide a unique Surf-ID number which specifically refers to how the board actually performs.

The team behind the Surf-ID concept wanted to find a better approach to surfboard design which veered away from the basic surfboards descriptions that have always been used.

The dedicated website provides a calculator to find each board ID by just providing some simple key measurements.

The formula is free to use for everyone, from surfers and shapers, with the hope to encourage a better understanding of surfboard design with the team now working with Shape3D to include the surf-ID formula directly in the design process of any board.


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