The Bataleon Surfer Snowboard Pushes The Boundaries Of 3D Shape Technology

Bataleon have launched the Surfer snowboard, a board that uses innovative 3D shape technology to create impressive float and carving abilities when riding powder. The team have released a video edit to mark the launch of their new model showcasing how at home this board really is in the fluffy stuff. 

Press Release: For over a decade, Bataleon has led the industry in 3D shape technology. We’ve perfected our patented Tripe Base Technology™, producing boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points, making snowboarding more enjoyable for all. With the introduction of 3rd generation 3BT™ with our new patented Sidekick™, Bataleon continues to push the envelope in snowboard design and performance.

The Bataleon Surfer represents the most advanced 3D shaping on the market, guaranteeing effortless float and powerful carves. When there’s an ocean of powder, nothing compares to the Bataleon Surfer. With only 150 produced and delivered in a custom travel sleeve, you’ll be the envy of the lift line on this ultra limited board.

Equally at home in powder, or on piste, and featuring Bataleon’s most pronounced 3BT™ to date, the Bataleon Surfer guarantees effortless float and powerful carves. Highlighting 16 years of shaping development, the Surfer is the most advanced 3D shape we’ve ever produced.

  • Production | HILLTON
  • Directed | ANIMALS
  • DOP | Pierre Castillo Bernad
  • DOP (Underwater) | Vincent Kardasik
  • DOP (Snowboarding) | Tobias Bonfanti, Denis Cinek
  • AC | Sven Probst
  • Production Design | Ioannis Sochorakis
  • Gaffer | Jan Wittrowski
  • Best Boy | Michael Mutter
  • Runners | Mischa Zimmermann, Can Kgil
  • Colour | CHEAT
  • Colourist | Joseph Bicknell
  • VFX | Mustafa Sert
  • Motion Design | Taco / Circus Family
  • Composition | Fede / Jingle Jungle
  • Sound design | Rob / Jingle Jungle


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