GhostLED Seeks To Solve All Of Your Portable Camera Lighting Problems

The exciting new prototype of ghostLED, a lightweight portable and waterproof photo light is now live on Kickstarter where the first series can be pre-ordered. The ghostLED is part of the Snap-Bits family – a company founded by the enigmatic Eleonora Raggi that involves technology and business development – with the campaign needing to raise 100% of the target before production can commence. 


Press Release: (Arco/ITA, 18 October 2017) – Get it lit with ghostLED. The first affordable, high- performance, portable photo light thoughtfully designed and engineered with photo and film enthusiasts in mind. Lightweight, weatherproof and compatible with most accessories on the market; ghostLED is the ideal flash-companion for anyone who wants to photograph or film their indoor spaces or outdoor adventures. An Italian designer piece, ghostLED is unrivalled in size, weight and price: at 8x16cm small, 520g light and affordably priced at 399€. The fully-functioning prototype is showcased on Kickstarter where you can pre-order the first series.

Eleonora Raggi is the force behind ghostLED. This cosmopolitan lady has over a decade of experience as an international outdoor photographer. But ever since the start of her career, there was always something missing – a suitable, portable lighting system. Driven by her need to find a solution, she decided to tackle this lack-of-light issue herself; while addressing convenience, weight, price, compatibility and creative style. Her plan was to create a compact all-in-one solution, ready to rock.

She put together a team of professional engineers and designers and together they created ghostLED. But this concept would not remain a ghost or some perfect, unproducible dream; no, ghostLED would become a reality, built for beginners as well as professional photographers; vloggers as well as tech-freaks. And so, this sophisticated, well thought-out, off/on-camera lighting system is now live on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform supporting innovative projects by creative people.

Start-up Snap-Bits S.r.l. founder Eleonora Raggi is sold on ghostLED: “We want to make gear that will enable even the most adventurous people in media to follow their passion – and we believe ghostLED will do just that. It’s not only light, it’s freedom to shoot what you want, whenever and wherever you want. I know that anyone with an active media lifestyle will benefit by ghostLED, and I’m excited to see the amazing images produced as a result!”

To make this possible, the Kickstarter campaign must achieve 100% of the financial goal within the next 30 days. Only then can ghostLED go into production and start to make taking photos and filming on location easier – thanks to its portable, multifunctional design.


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