Arbor Release The Flagship Series Video

Arbor have released a new video for their Flagship Series of boards featuring riders that took a trip to Joshua Tree for some camping, exploring, and skating.

Press Release: Where we skate today is only limited by the existence of a rideable surface. It’s more common than ever to bring a skateboard with us, wherever we go. To work, for lunchtime missions, on a flight to those far away spots, on the all-essential road trip, and even out camping, when exploring the great outdoors. The outdoors provides an endless amount of skateable lines. Getting out and exploring coastal, mountain, and dessert roads is a growing part of what skateboarding is today.

The Arbor Flagship Series was designed with this in mind. It brings together our drop-through shapes, providing both men and women a range of performance and style for exploring those amazing places, near and far. No matter your goal – basic cruising, old school carving, mellow freeride, or even a little freestyle, there is a shape in the Flagship Series for you. The boards available in the Flagship Series are the Catalyst, Axis 40, Axis 37, Dropcruiser, Mindstate, and Zeppelin.

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