Stinky Socks Holiday ’17 Lookbook Video

Bulgarian-based Stinky Socks have released their new AW17 Lookbook Video which has a strong visual focus on adventure and exploration with appearances from Deo Katunga, Elena Nazarova, Dimitar Dimov, Zdavko Keremidchiev, Nikolay Dimitrov, Yavor Ski, Johnny Miller, Jesse Alfredo, Vladimir Todorov, Bob Abrams, Austin Young, Taylor Jeffers, Marcus Rand, Vladimir Ivanov.

Full “Life” Poem:
Why am I here? In this place,
In this country, In this city,
In this moment, Today?
I wonder what is the reason behind Every flower,
Every being,
Every breath,
The sky.
Life is full of mystery, Full of secrets.
And a million questions fill my mind. Every day, all the time.
Wondering why I exist.
But till I find the answers for my questions, Which I may never even find,
I’ll keep beathing.
I’ll keep smiling.
I’ll keep feeling. I’ll keep crying.
I will live.
In the best way I can.
Cause life is to be lived.
And every detail of it matters in some way.
Maybe that’s the answer…
Life is to live.
To live an amazing and beautiful adventure.
One day I will be gone.
And I just wanna be just that I did the best that I could.
That I lived.
That’s what matters. To live life.

– Written by Bea Giusti


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