Bataleon Director Dennis Dusseldorp Explains Their Overhaul Of Women’s Line

Bataleon have overhauled their women’s snowboard line with boards to suit the park, powder and general all-mountain riding for all abilities. Klaudia Medlova and Madison Blackley make up the women’s team at Bataleon and they provide vital input and feedback to ensure the boards suit the needs of female shredders. SOURCE spoke to the brand’s Director, Dennis Dusseldorp, who says the brand now offers the most extensive women’s line on the market.


Dennis Dusseldorp

Tell us about your new line of girls snowboards at Bataleon.
This season sees the largest overhaul of the women’s segment in Bataleon history. With four shape updates and two new models, our women’s line now extends to seven models. We work closely with our team and utilise their feedback to produce boards for all rider levels. We take these boards seriously and they represent years of development and hard work.

The Spirit is a soft and accessible board that will foster progression on an easy learning curve while still offering a solid ride. It is designed for new or lightweight riders looking for an affordable package. It will be available as a set, complete with matching Switchback bindings.

The Storm is our new all-mountain board for women that ride the whole mountain and expect nothing but the best. The combination of 3BT and aggressive shaping creates unmatched riding properties. Nothing was compromised in the production of this board. It features our HyperGlide base, carbon lay ups, triax glassing and our brand new DST wood-core.

Our best selling women’s board, the Feelbetter has been updated with 3rd generation 3BT featuring SideKick. It’s a 99% twin for women looking to progress with confidence. All the beloved riding properties from the Feelbetter just got better. Why feel good, when you can feel better!

When we re-shaped the Distortia, we kept the Evil Twin shape philosophy in mind. It’s a “do it all” park board with excellent all-mountain qualities thanks to 3rd generation 3BT. It has medium flex, carbon enhancements and our brand new CST Core for maximum freestyle support and performance. The Distortia will out-perform other park boards in any conditions.

The She W is our team’s favorite jib/park board. It has a new shape with 3rd Generation 3BT and packs a ton of high end materials such as a underfoot carbon lay up and our CST core. The She W is built for riders that demand the very best from their gear. It’s soft yet stable flex will give you all the support you need.

The Push Up received the largest overhaul in the women’s line. It has a new 99% twin, all-mountain freestyle shape featuring 3rd generation 3BT. It’s best suited for fall line riding and on edge performance. The Push Up might be the most versatile model we offer.

The Love Powder is untouched since it was perfect already 😉


Klaudia and Madison

What were the factors behind the introduction of the new line?
Women’s and girls’ boards have always represented a sizable percentage of our total sales and we are lucky to have a high volume of returning customers who fall in love with our patented 3D shaping. Our boards lend themselves to progression and make for a more enjoyable riding experience. We wanted to make sure we had a board for every type of rider. We are now offering women’s boards for every type of rider, every skill level and every budget. This might be the most complete women’s offering in the business.

How will the girls boards differ from boys?
When designing a new board, we first pinpoint the rider that will be on it. In general women’s/girl’s boards should not be different just because they are women’s/girl’s boards. Our women’s boards have slightly slimmer waist and stance positioning, but we do not make them less aggressive at all. The new Storm 156 would be a sick board for a medium size/weight guy with smaller feet. The best outcome for us is that a female riding the SHE.W in her correct length would have the exact same riding experience as a guy riding the G.W in his correct size.

We do not compromise on performance!

A big complaint of girls graphics are that they’re too girly – what’s going on here for Bataleon?
We like the girly girls, we like the artsy girls, we like the heavy metal girls and everything in between. It is difficult to create a graphic that suits everyone but we try to differentiate within the range and figure out the targeted rider group. We did re-name the LOVE POWDER as we didn’t think that “Women’s Cameltoe” would fly…

Introducing any new tech features to accommodate the different needs of a female shredder?
We use the same technology on our women’s boards as we do on the men’s. We have upgraded our woodcores on all our SWS produced boards for a lighter more responsive ride and added poured urethane Shock Walls on our Titan produced boards.

Who’s on the ambassador team?
We have two women on our global pro team and a number of local ambassadors on our am team. Klaudia Medlova and Madison Blackley gave us a lot of input while designing the new boards and we’re happy to have them out there representing Bataleon and 3BT.


Madison Blackley

How are you going to be marketing girls boards?
We’ve never done any women’s specific marketing. We allowed our products to speak for themselves and the segment grew naturally. I think that most women are less influenced by brand marketing and aren’t easily tricked into believing the hype of a sick team or advertisement. We think that the performance and value for your money is why we see women referring our products to other female riders. We often see a whole group of girls all on Bataleon boards from mixed seasons. I think they believe their friends more than they would believe us.

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