Niche Snowboards Work With Connora Technologies To Pioneer Zero-Waste Snowboard Manufacturing

Niche Snowboards have released their new short film in partnership with Connora Technologies: ’Recyclamine: A Zero-Waste Manufacturing Solution.’ Working with the team at Lux Nova, the film details the technology that Connora has invented to enable the next generation of materials to be reversible, removable and recyclable whilst maintaining its level of performance. 

Press Release: Niche Snowboards announced their partnership and film release with Connora Technologies, detailing the solution for the recyclability of manufacturing waste and end-of-life products.

For several years, Niche has been working on a project with Connora to pioneer a new way to make snowboards. Their goal has been to make it so that all of their manufacturing waste, and even end of life products themselves, are 100% recyclable.

“This season we are proud to introduce our first set of products using the Recyclamine® resin system: a true zero-waste manufacturing solution,” said Ana Van Pelt, Co-Founder of Niche Snowboards. “U.S. landfills released an estimated 163 million tons of CO2 equivalent to the atmosphere in 2014 alone. Every time we throw something away, we contribute to global warming. But making small steps to protect our environment does have a massive impact. Your decision to be part of the solution starts with your point of purchase, and for us, the way we create those products in the first place. Our hope is that one day, everyone will implement a zero-waste solution into their manufacturing practices. This is how we move forward.”

Manufacturing waste is a big problem, and Niche believes that by working together, we can tackle this issue and inspire change in industries across the globe. Niche is encouraging people to watch this beautiful short film created by LUX NOVA, to see how it works, and why this matters.


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