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Retail Buyers Guide:  Cruisers 2018

Catagory: Cruisers
Brand: Landyachtz

What are your main price points for next season?
Mini Cruisers
$129.99 – 145.00

$169.99 – 199.99

Downhill Freeride

How are you segmenting your cruisers collection?
By Size and shape.

We’ll be offering an array of 28.5” mini cruisers with a selection of shapes. All these boards will have kicktails and are designed around the best complete package possible.

ATV Series
These are 30-35” street-inspired shapes built up with soft wheels and TKP trucks. Made for the skater who wants a cruiser feel that trickable, fast and smooth. We’ve added a layer of composite to these boards to stiffen them up and add strength.

Freedom Series
Pintails and a selection of drop through boards that sit at 36”-42”. These are traditional longboards, generally made out of bamboo but we have a good selection of 100% Canadian maple models as well. We have the basics in this category but also have models like the Battle Axe, which is a traditional pintail with drop mounted construction.

35” – 40”
These are our go fast, technical longboarding category. We put a ton of time into designing each board in this category, making sure they all serve a purpose that leads to a rider pushing the envelope and progressing the action sports side of what we do.

How can retailers generate growth and customer interest in cruisers?
Market the accessibility of cruising. So many people are intimidated by skateboarding and think that they are going to break every bone in their body the minute they step on a board. Cruisers are different. They are designed to be more forgiving and allow the skater to comfortably get into skating. Growth will come in this category if shops start showing customers how safe and fun skating is. Events and shop rides are a great way to do this. Show your customer that literally anyone can have fun on a cruiser board and we’ll see growth in this category.

What is your collection theme and which stories are you telling to get customers stoked on cruisers with a boardsports flavour?
We plant 1 tree for every board we sell. This has been a big part of our story over the past few seasons.

We are also telling our design story this year. The details matter and often the cruiser category gets forgotten here. Brands are so focused on creating pretty graphics and making sure the board looks good on a shop wall that they forget to make sure it rides well too! We put a lot of effort into our cruiser category, focusing on construction and deck layups, as well as putting the best components on these boards. We are Bear trucks and Hawgs Wheels as well, so all our completes come with these components. Our Trucks have insane tolerances to minimize slop. Heat treated axels, machined hander shoulders, precision threading, engineered bushing seat etc. Our wheels use proprietary urethane that we test on downhill boards under freeriding conditions. So if you buy a cruiser from us, you’ll get the same component that comes with a high-end downhill board.

Are you noticing an increase in female riders? Are you targeting this segment specifically?
Totally! More females are excited about skating and we are seeing an increase in ridership in different scenes. Longboarding has always been more inclusive than other forms of skating and I think we are seeing female riders developing a higher level of comfort in this male-dominated environment.

We are seeing a trend towards shorter longboards and cruisers with longboard constructions (drop-cruisers). Is that a trend you are serving?
We offer our drop through boards in two sizes to accommodate this. We also shortened our Chief board to 36” last year as we noticed people gravitating to smaller shapes. There are two factors to this; people get better at skating they naturally want a shorter wheelbase to become more manoeuvrable. The other reason is that who wants to carry around a 42” board all the time. There is a place for them but as more people start skating as a way to recreate while commuting it just makes sense to have a small board with you.

What are the most important shapes for 2018?
Tough call. It really depends on the market, but in general drop through shapes are still super popular

Which technical features are you the most proud of?
Hollowtech. This construction can be found in our higher-end models, like the Stratus, which is a purpose built Dance board. The idea of hollowtech is that we can hollow out sections of the deck, think honey comb pattern, and sandwich the maple core between fibreglass. This creates a strong yet light construction. We can play with the flex as well depending on what we want to achieve. We make all these boards in the interior of British Columbia at a small factory called Burley. It’s crazy that these boards are made in a small town called Kimberly and shipped all over the world. People in China are skating on statuses made in a small mountain town in the interior of BC which is super cool.

Please name and describe your 3 highlight pieces and items that retailers should definitely order.
Dinghy’s – these are our 28.5” cruisers mentioned above. We offer them in a variety of graphics and shapes. The dinghy Emboss is a top seller in this category.



Drop Hammer – This board is packed full of features and lands at a great price point considering all that’s in this board. Retail is $179USD and you get a sweet drop mounted firm carving board that’s built to last for years. We offer 2 graphics.



ATV Series –The Sloth Graphic is super popular and this style of skating is growing in all markets. We’ve added a layer of composite to these board to stiffen them up and make them extra strong. They are street inspired cruisers, with soft wheels and TKP trucks that allow you to cruise around town comfortably but let you snap ollies and tricks along the way. Super fun, not too serious and designed with function in mind.



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