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Brand: Rossignol
Interviewee: Aurélie ZUCCO – Business Unit Manager Technical Equipment (helmets, goggles, poles, protection & bags).

Rossignol Templar Impacts Helmet in Kaki

Rossignol Templar Impacts Helmet in Kaki

What are the main trends in the helmet market for action sports in FW18/19?
The helmet market is evolving, riders are much more demanding on technical features, comfort, fit, design and are not willing anymore to make compromise on their product selection. The helmet market is extremely competitive, with many different concepts and technologies in order to provide high performance products through improved comfort, adjustable fit, air flow management, thermal insulation, hearing solutions, premium protection. The trend is contrasting the highly technical helmet content with a sober and smart design.

Will you release any new models?
Our new and innovative helmets are the Templar and Progress and both feature Rossignol IMPACTS technology to provide a long-term protection against multiple impacts. These helmets have been developed with our latest technology in a lightweight and attractive design. The fit adjustment system ensures a precise, customized fit while adjustable ventilation allows enhanced comfort and temperature regulation.

Any new technologies or other innovations?
Yes, the key innovation for our helmets range is Rossignol IMPACTS Technology.

After taking into account the actual day-to-day usage of a ski helmet including storage, transport, and usage, Rossignol has developed a new technology that protects you longer. Even low-intensity shocks that leave no visible trace can alter the protection helmets provide and negatively affect resistance to future impacts.
In order to provide more reliable durability in its ski helmet range, Rossignol introduces new IMPACTS technology. IMPACTS Technology offers premium protection against multiple impacts without compromising on weight, style, or comfort. IMPACTS PROTECTS YOU LONGER!

What materials are you working with? Anything new to talk about?
We are always looking for innovative material in order to develop new solutions or improve our product range. We are not only focusing on material but also on components, tooling and process in order to ensure materials meet the highest and most sustainable performance standards.

When it comes to design, colors & patterns – what are the main trends in your FW collection?
Developing a new helmet is a complex combination of protection, ergonomics, design, fit etc. Rossignol has strengthened the technical equipment business unit with additional resources in R&D and marketing. The goal is to understand the different market needs, develop the right value proposition and offer new products that meet riders’ expectations. We aim at having the right product providing the right value proposition, and sticking to the trends. Our team is making some deep analysis and research on design, colours and pattern trends before developing a new helmet, based on worldwide colour moods, innovative trends and material evolution.

In our latest product offer, we aim at offering high technical content products in a smart and sober design, with discrete but contrasting colours. We worked closely with Rossignol apparel team in order to get the same colour code and offer a global and consistent outline for riders.

We also aim at keeping our Rossignol DNA and defining some specific shape, last and design which are part of Rossignol identity on our global helmet offer.

All these analysis to riders the best experience with Rossignol.

How are you addressing goggle compatibility and audio integration?
Compatibility could be translated through colours or shape. We consider both to develop the right offer, having similar colour codes between helmets and goggles, but also ensuring the right shape to grant optimal thermal insulation, wide fields of vision and adjusted goggle support, which is part of protection and safety management.

Please talk us through your 2-3 keys models for FW18/19.
Templar features a new modern and attractive shape with a sober and smart design and offers riders an active venting system, adjustable fit system, improved padding and IMPACTS Technology to protect riders against multiple impacts.

Rossignl Templar Impact Helmet in Black

Rossignl Templar Impact Helmet in Black

Progress helmet is an innovative blend of comfort and protection in a lightweight design, featuring industry-first IMPACTS In-Mold construction. IMPACT technology provides enhanced durability while retaining protective shock absorption properties longer; combined with an In-Mold construction for reduced weight. BOA fit adjustment system ensures a precise, customized fit while adjustable ventilation allows enhanced comfort and temperature regulation.

Rossignol Progress Helmet

Rossignol Progress Helmet

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