Dainese Snow Protection FW18/19 Preview

Category: Snow Protection
Brand: Dainese
Interviewee: Davide Brugnoli – Jr Product Manager

Dainese Snow Protection 18/19 Preview

What are the main trends in the segment of Snow Protection?
Protective gear is still evolving year by year. The best way to work is to search for innovative technologies and materials that allow brands to develop something really light and comfortable, while still respecting highest safety standards. Once, safety gear was considered as a burden, now those times have changed and protective gear is no longer considered heavy, with a clunky look. Now safety gear is a must and can allow you to still look cool! The key point of new innovations is without a doubt multi-impact light compounds.

What marketing stories do you work with in FW18/19?
Most of skiers and snowboarders are also outdoor activity lovers. I think that one of the most interesting stories is to speak about a technology durable for both winter and summer activities (as we are already doing with the Flexagon). Winter protectors will no longer be left in the wardrobe during warmer months.

Do you have any new product release planned?
We’re working on two new Back Protectors for the 18/19

Are there any innovations happening to talk about?
We’re developing an evolution of our well-known technology, the Flexagon, also used in the bike and equestrian world. Moreover, we’re introducing a protector used in our motorbike dept already, the new Pro Armor, into wintersports.

Are your products targeted to specific customers / rider types?
Our products are conceived, engineered and developed around human bodies, to meet the needs of every sportive person, from the professionals to the enthusiast ones.

What materials are you working with?
We’re working with our own technologies, as a result of several years of research into human bodies.

What about price points, what is your standard here and where is the development going?
Our price range is really wide, from kids protective gear starting at around 70€, to the athletes market, with expensive carbon fibre gear. I think that a good protection must cost between 150€ and 200€

In which area do you see the biggest growth in the protection market?
Since protecting the head became widely accepted and standard amongst consumers,  the next important area to be considered should be the back. This said, we believe that with proper education of the consumer from  the Retail & Industry side, this category bears a big growth potential.


Dainese Snow Protection Vest

Please talk us through your 2-3 keys models for FW18/19.
-FLEXAGON POLARTEC WAISTCOAT: we decided to mix together our technology with ones coming from the outdoor world. We conceived a hybrid garment, that mixes together Polartec Power Grid, used to make all the garment, which allows the skier to have a fast-wicking solution to keep your skin dry when you sweat and a great look on the back, we sewed the Flexagon directly on the mesh, ensuring the rider would have maximum freedom of movement and comfort (thanks to Flexagon structure, and to its overlapping layers of Crash Absorb memory retention foam, that move independently of one another and follow the anatomy of the body) while still meeting highest European standards, satisfying CE EN 1621.2 LEV 2.

-PRO ARMOR WAISTCOAT: Inspired by motorbike technology, we introduced the new PRO ARMOR, which with its disruptive design, sets a new benchmark into winter sports protective gear. The new PRO ARMOR waistcoat, thanks to its construction, allows the rider to have a full covered protection on the back (CE EN 1621.2 LEV 2) while still ensuring to the skier/snowboarder a great comfort while using. Furthermore, thanks to its particular design inspired by nature’s fractals, it provides the rider an incredible airflow never seen before.

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