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Category: Snow Protection 
Interviewee: Aurélie Zucco – Business Unit Manager for Technical Equipment (Helmets, goggles, poles, protection & bags)

Rossignol Snow Protection RPG Vest

Rossignol Snow Protection RPG Vest

What are the main trends in the segment of Snow Protection?
The main trends tackle new solutions for snowboarders combining premium protection and freedom of movements. Rossignol R&D department investigates on new materials, ergonomics and specific technologies to provide innovation that meets specific snowboarders’ protections expectations.

What marketing stories do work with in FW18/19?
Our marketing stories are strongly related to additional solution for premium protection and freedom of movements.
We are taking care to guarantee the rider a positive ski session and a unique experience and intense enjoyment. This goal is achievable with high technical products fitting perfectly the riders’ needs in terms of protection and comfort.

Are there any innovations happening to talk about?
We offer SAS TEC technology for back protection, based on an ultra-light and breathable insert with multi-impact properties. This enables us to provide a back protector both protective and comfortable with its breathable channels. The use of even stretchier materials gives complete freedom of movement. This technology is incorporated into all Rossignol RPG VEST jackets.

Are your products targeted to specific customers / rider types?
Our protection range is dedicated to the ones aiming at riding safe in freeride, freestyle

What materials are you working with?
We are always looking for new and innovative material in order to develop new solutions or improve our product range. We are not only focusing on material but also on components, patterns and process in order to ensure materials meet the highest and most sustainable performance standards. Made from flexible, lightweight materials, Rossignol PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT has been designed (certified CE EN1621-2 and EN14120) to deliver the comfort, safety, and performance you need to ride with peace of mind.

What about price points, what is your standard here and where is the development going?
Rossignol has strengthened the technical Equipment business unit with additional resources in R&D and marketing. The goal is to understand the different market needs, develop the right value proposition and offer new products that meet riders’ expectations. We aim at having the right offer at the right price positioning considering the key distribution parameters: where are the gaps in terms of offer, how to communicate the benefits of our technologies and focus on user benefits. All these analysis to offer to users the best Experience with Rossignol.

In which area do you see the biggest growth in the protection market?
We strongly believe that we can not make compromise between comfort, protection and style and this is where the biggest market opportunities are. The new product developments have to consider freedom of movement, premium protection with multi-impact technologies and smart and attractive design. If one of these 3 ingredients are missing, the rider will not feel confident using the product and will not have a global positive experience with the brand.

Please talk us through your 2-3 keys models for FW18/19.
The RPG VEST SR offers ultra-light and breathable back protection with SAS-TECH multi-impact foam, compliant with EN-CE 1621-2 norms. Features a front zip and waist belt with breathable, stretch mesh fabric for improved breathability and fit.

Rossignol Snow Protection RPG Vest

Rossignol Snow Protection RPG Vest

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