Picture Presents Particule, A Film By The Black Edition Crew

The Black Edition is a range of technical snow apparel from Picture that fuses streetwear and freestyle riding. To celebrate the range, the team at Picture have release ‘Particule’ featuring the crew of four riders that are involved with the line showcasing their street riding all over the world. 

Press Release: The snow is what brings the 4 riders of the Black Edition Line together, Emile Bergeron, Janne Lipsanen, JF Houle & Jules Bonnaire, to give them the chance to create magical images in the street and also build special friendships all over the world. In that case, Quebec, France & Finland are on the map.

Basically anything that the earth provides is made of small particles. The idea of the movie is to use any type of element or texture that we have to deal with in the street environment such as wood, ice, brick, metal. That is why, from Quebec all the way to Finland, the 4 distinct riders from the Picture Family, all bring their own way to express themselves in the city by skiing and snowboarding with one challenge : push the limits in the new streets!


Issue 94 cover


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