O’Neill Men’s Surf Apparel 18/19 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Men’s Surf Apparel FW18/19

Catagory: Cold Water Surf Apparel
Brand: O’Neill
Interviewee: Jan Lindeboom, Category Manager Men



How has your winter Surf Apparel segment evolved since last winter season?
It’s a bit of a smaller collection than in previous years, but with more focus on mid layers and early fall weather dressing. Integrating tech innovations from our performance collection catered for everyday use: from the city to the mountains. This segment we call HYBRID. Our quickest growing segment.

What are the main trends you see popping in your Fall Winter 18/19 Surf Apparel line?
The 90’s trend is happening as we speak and O’Neill will continue to deliver iconic pieces from that era in Surf, Snow and Streetwear. Not only in the O’Neill RE-ISSUE collection, but you can definitely see an influence of these trends throughout the whole range.



In terms of fabrics, materials and textures, what are you working on for Fall/Winter 18/19?
Kinetiq Knit technology is new innovation for us. A 3D engineered knitted technology applied to our mid layers. It delivers stretch, warmth (capsules air in the knitted channels), breathability and anti-odour. These products are great for hiking in the mountains and surf trips.

The Re-Issue collection is completely made from recycled materials. The tees and sweatshirts are made from recycled ocean waste (O’Neill Blue, our ocean mission).

Most of our jackets are treated with a PFC free water repellency treatment. Keeping you dry while preventing unnecessary harm to the environment.

How do your colour palettes look for men’s FW18/19 season?
Cleaner and crisper. More black items, triple black at times. Changed the off-white to optic white.
#1 Black, white with a bit of Pastel pink and mint for the early drops.

#2 Then a large delivery of military and khaki with black and grey, with a little orange accent. This group looks badass!

#3 Then we’re also offering a high energy colour group with pop green and royal blue. Matching to our snow outerwear colours, check out the Jeremy Jones outerwear for example.



What design features are you implementing to help surfers when surfing in colder conditions? (Wider pockets for cold hands etc)
O’Neill Firewall Magma: Magma retention liner, keeps you warm 25% longer. The Firewall Magma liner we use in two jackets and some fleece styles.

O’Neill Kinetiq Knit: 3d engineered knit technology.
A new technique that we use in HYBRID mid layers (multi-purpose). Thermoregulating material that keeps you warm and dry. Featuring anti odour and super stretchy panels.

O’Neill Hyperdry. A water repellency treatment on jackets that keep you dry and warm.

Please list and detail your top 3 pieces
Kinetiq insulator (Kinetiq knit technology)
Re-Issue Circle Surfer crew (re-issue and O’neill blue)
Journey Parka (firewall magma, hyperdry)

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